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Character Profile: Glanhelmion Tasartir
Portrait Avatar
Glanhelmion Tasartir
Blacksmith, Falconer

Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

All about Glanhelmion Tasartir
Character Name:  Glanhelmion Tasartir
Race:  Trueblood
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:   
Can Be Found:   
Profession:  Well wouldn't you like to know?
Appearance:  High cheekbones, and red flecked silvers stand out among fair facial features. But seem to hide intent in his muted expressionless face, fair, and befitting his race but holding no more warmth than the ember of a dying fire. His long straight silver hair is usually worn in a pony tail, and glows a faint color depending on the type of mana that flows through him. He stands about six four, but all things considered he usually hides his full height, unless it is called for that he offer a good posture. Black leather armor and leggings usually cling to his tense muscular form, as well as the red leather Blood's jacket that holds loosely to his arms and broad shoulders; jeans and an Elvin silk shirt can barely be seen under the armor, but they are usually of the same color as the armor, so they blend seamlessly with the darkness. A pair of flat black leather boots bearing bells are his usual footwear, the bells are marked with runes that depict his claims to family, and remain silent even in constant movement; sometimes he let's them whisper or chant songs in the night as he stalks, but rarely do they speak...
Skills:  He doesn't display anything, but to those who know him, they may understand that he is of the night, a creature of darkness... and as a child of wilderness, he finds comforts in the wilds of Rhy'Din, if he is not found stalking the city streets in night, or in the forests by day, then there may be something off with him. Yet he displays no *obvious* skills, he moves with agility, purpose, and grace, that is very rarely seen in someone his size. Strange silence lurks with him, and the shadows stir in his presence, he prefers the mystery that surrounds him, and rather not answer questions or tell stories, unlike the other babbling hounds in Rhy'Din he was born of action, and would die by action, and he preferred to speak through actions... yet he is not afraid to hold a conversation when it favors him, or if he is in the mood to converse with the innocent, or with those he cared enough about to spare the time of day to even look their way with more intent then to eye them up for suspicious movements...
Silver Crowns: 3634.02
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  13 May 2006
Total posts:  39
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Personal Gallery of Glanhelmion Tasartir
Last Visited: Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:02 pm
Signature:  The sacrifice of others who walk within,
The battlefields of death embracing him,

The courage from beyond surrounds one's soul,
Walking side by side through graves unknown.

"Crazy Horse" - Black Label Society
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