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Character Profile: Daniel DeAuster
Portrait Avatar
Daniel Rhystil DeAuster

Art/Photo Credit:
"Night Wandering" Portrait courtesy of GES 2014

Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Art/Photo Credit:
"Night Wanderings" Courtesy GES 2014

All about Daniel DeAuster
Character Name:  Daniel Rhystil DeAuster
Race:  Half-elf of Dýbhlaidh blood
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:  Gharnholme
Can Be Found:  The realm of Carowyn, or RhyDin
Profession:  Shadow-warrior; Hellion of the Hellfire Club
Appearance:  The son of a half-elf shadowmage-assassin and champion of pandemonium, he is inherent of his motherís graceful features and quiet demeanor, as well as the ability to control and travel the shadows. He does have his father's temper when riled, the emotions lurking near the surface these days. Standing 5'11", he has an underlying strength perhaps not readily apparent. Delicate ear-points peek from the coal black hair that frames his lean features, the hair's hue a mirror for the goatee he's recently grown. Eyes the color of ocean's breakers assess all he meets at a glance.

A duegar-forged chainmail shirt is worn over the black leather jerkin, and comfortable breeches are tucked into high-topped boots. His left arm is adorned by a black steel bracer, etched with the skull and crossed swords of the Gharenka Arena of Blood, his right a heavy bracelet of mithril and obsidian enchanted with ancient Elvin magics. He bears the unholy avenger Deathlight, the weapon an heirloom passed down from his father, and a sentient dagger named 'Torth'. Over the left breast of his chainmail he wears a small diamond wheel of chaos. On colder days he wears a black leather duster specially designed to fit over the added bulk of armor.
Skills:  Trained from a young age by both Lucius and Fiona, he combines the strength of his father with the agility inherited from his mother in combat. Stepping away from the path followed by his mother and sister, he has trained under his uncle Lorcain in the ways of the shadow-warrior, combining physical prowess with the power to manipulate shadows into a fighting style all his own. From his Grandda and namesake Rhystil he has learned the mantra's required to close his mind from the various forms of telepathy, the only result for the transgression being a background buzz. His mood is somewhat unpredictable, as the infernal blood of his birthright is coming into full maturity.

He will fight to protect his family and friends.

Often found in the company of his sister Cieara or with Kaelyn, the young woman who holds his heart.

At times may be accompanied by his father's familiars the twin quasit Frik and Frak.
Silver Crowns: 2439.30
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Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  20 May 2006
Total posts:  79
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Occupation:  ((Artwork by G. Sheppard, for this character only))
Last Visited: Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:11 pm
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