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Character Profile: Zynisch Lucis
Portrait Avatar
Zynisch Lucis, "Lucius"
The Umbral Judicer
Schoolteacher, Tutor

Art/Photo Credit:
Art found on Images. All rights go to its original owner, as does all credit.

Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Art/Photo Credit:
Art found on Images. All rights go to its original owner, as does all credit.

All about Zynisch Lucis
Character Name:  Zynisch Lucis, "Lucius"
Race:  Soul (Previously Human); Crystal-Form Homunculus; Aspect of Sunlight.
Gender:  Would be voiced by Liam O'Brien, so... Certainly Male.
Place of Origin:  Allegedly from across the sea, far to the west of RhyDin, in a land known as Sha'Karm Tal.
Can Be Found:  His Glen cottage; Bristle Crios's grounds; Red Dragon Inn; Kabuki Street; With Izumi Takamine...
Profession:  Member of B.C. Eternal House; Private Instructor at Bristle Crios Academy; Goddess's Swordmage...
Appearance:  _____________

Known Aliases: "Enigma", "Master Lucis", "Lord Zynisch", "Instructor Lucis", "Professor Grumpypants", "Uncle Zyn", "The Eldest Brother", "The Umbral Judicer", "The Covetous Moon", "The Dark Sun", "The Knight Errant", and finally "Lucius".

= Preface =

"I've many things to atone for... I figure that protecting my family and ensuring the prosperity of future generations are decent ways to begin." ~ Zynisch Lucis

= Appearance and Personality =

After his original form was assumed by the spirit, Yakumo, he received a crystal lattice to house his soul and serve as his makeshift body. Ever since his departure from Scionius, he's exhibited the face of an eerily young man. Additionally, beads assist in tying away the majority of his otherwise back-length, royal blue and silver hair in a "ponytail" of sorts whilst his bangs remain trim and short. He is most often seen in one of two outfits:

{Instructor's Robe /w Hooded Cloak} ~ His current form of dress consists of a now navy half-kimono that cuts off at the hip. A pair of simple, indigo pants with fringe tears at the hem adorn his legs. Keeping his feet light and covered are black open-toe, open-heel sandal-boots, protecting his movement without hindering it. Both the kimono and pants sport a pair of lightweight, runic plates at the shoulders and the shins respectively as unobtrusive, magicked armor. Completing the highly-modernized Asian ensemble is a hooded cloak that conceals his body to his shins' approximate halfway point. Its flared collar obfuscates the lower half of his features; however, it sports a zipper down to the mantle should he wish to bifurcate it and fully reveal his face.

{Crimson Casual Attire} ~ His secondary, "casual" outfit consists of an ornately-woven silk waistcoat bearing distinctly Asian embroidery and designs underneath a raven tuxedo shirt boasting flared cuff; the whole of the ensemble completed by a pair of sable black suit pants and traditional, minimalist shoes. Though it functions as his leisure wear of sorts, it's not uncommon for him to wear it at a formal event, either.

As of the development involving the severance of the hold Scionius had on him, the fading of the Mark of Chains, and a confrontation with Arthour Chazore, he is revealed to have been the revived corpse of the once stalwart and solemn Zynisch Lucis who has actually been around for as long as Arthour has, if not longer. Zynisch has since accepted this to be fact, but is unsure what it means for him. In addition, he has defeated and reconciled with the apparition that was Enigma inside of himself, making him truly and wholly Zynisch for as long as he wishes. Finally, a meeting with his newly-christened patron deity, Amaterasu, has reawakened the vigor and true appearance that he held in his era of antiquity.

As a gift and sign of goodwill from his brother-in-arms, Arthour, he holds a crystal with which he can communicate mentally with him, in addition to others who also possess said crystal. (Most of the time, thoughts communicated will be in italics with single quotations. Please be aware that you would be unable to pick up on these thoughts unless you have mine or Arthour-mun's permission.)


= Family and Close Friends =

Despite being a particularly unresponsive recluse of a fellow to all but the most worthy organisms he comes across, he has managed to accrue a number of personal friends, acquaintances, and even a girlfriend. Notable examples include, but are not limited to the following:

[Izumi Takamine] ~ Another spirit bound to a humanoid form and Zynisch's best friend outside of his immediate family. After performing a ritual to bond their energy wavelengths, known as "Soul Resonance", she also became his quite literal 'soulmate'. Alas, it became truly clear during a mountainside retreat to one of Izumi's get-away spots that they were both waiting for an excuse to confess their affections. More recently, during a festival held in Kabuki Street, Zynisch magically enhanced the fireworks display in order to extend a formal proposal to Izumi. They are now engaged to be married.

[Arthour Chazore] ~ The most mysterious and beloved of his immediate familial relationships and the man whom he views to be the eldest of his adoptive little brothers. He was the main affront to the machinations and desires of Zynisch's prior existence, Enigma. More interesting was the circumstances that surrounded that fateful rivalry, as it seems he was one of Arthour's comrades a millennium ago before he died in conflict in Arthour's arms. According to Arthour, they served a kingdom of that time period as Warlord and Judicer for their land. Suffice to say that the reasons for their resurfacing in this world are anomalous at best.

[Crowe Thorne] ~ Another of his former enemies that he later adopted as his younger brother once he gained a little bit of sense. Crowe is far and wide recognized for his laid-back nature, savage ability in combat and his somewhat indestructible body. Although such invulnerability is debatable, the number of serious encounters that the wolf has survived is astounding. They regularly have spats over silly things, but when it comes down to it, Zynisch would trust him with his life.

[Mai Chazore (née Silverblood)] ~ Arthour's wife and Zyn's adoptive sister in-law. A vampire as she was, he originally didn't regard her very highly; however, the love and admiration Arthour held for her swiftly changed his outlook on beings of the night. Of all the women he's met, she's likely one of the more comfortable to be around.

[Drake Thorne] ~ Crowe's younger brother and Zynisch's self-appointed pupil. After he'd saved him from Renna's atrocious plan, the two of them formed a sort of bond that would eventually develop into a sort of master-student relationship. Whilst in his presence, Zyn admonished him for poor performance and rewarded him for honest efforts, but he could never seem to shake how femininely he carried himself.

[Ja'Viska] ~ A more humanoid Khajiit and Zynisch's beloved kitten familiar. Zyn found him washing himself in a lagoon in the Glen at one point and antagonized him, only for the feline to later seek him out whilst he was sleeping. Revelations followed, and Zyn took him in, cementing his Samaritan-like qualities. (Current Status Unknown)

[Raca Toren] ~ Another rare find, being a Psyker of another realm, and Zynisch's friend. They met at the Marketplace where he surprised her with a display of prowess with his Ethereal Hands, which would later come to be known as the inter-dimensional being, Hecatoncheires.

[Dahlia] ~ His youngest find yet, though not by too much. Not much is known about her, but he refers to her as his younger sister for reasons undetermined. It's said that the moment they met, he tried to end her life, only for it to prove an illusion as an act of paranoia on his part. Scary.

[Yata] ~ Often referred to as "Garasu-san" or "Yata-chan" by her master, Yata serves as his second, doting familiar. After meeting her in a similar fashion and being put to a rigorous test, the amorous three-legged-crow has taken to intimately devoting herself to her Master's care. When not in her physical form, she takes on the likeness of a shimmering sphere of warm light as a Yata-Egi.


= Personal Leitmotifs =
Music to be either played or related to the character is listed here. SPOILERS: There are way too many.

~ Character Themes ~

[Main Theme of ZYNISCH] 'Within the Deep Forest': "Fukai Mori" ~Do as Infinity~

[Togetherness] 'An Evening Flush with Warmth': "Group Date Cafe" ~Persona Q OST~

[Zyn's Favorite Song] 'A Sweet, Asian Cacophany': "Calystegia" ~Persona 4 - Dancing All Night OST~

~ Situational ~

[Chance Encounter] 'Gonna Fall From the Sky or Something?': "Lakeside" ~Blazblue Song Accord #2 With Continuum Shift II OST~

[Festivities] 'An Unusually Eventful Tranquility': "Donut" ~Persona Q OST~

[Silliness] 'Comedic Timing... Desu?': 'TAKOYAKI' ~Persona Q OST~

[Interest] 'You've My Attention~': "Reasoning (P4D ver.) ~Persona 4 - Dancing All Night OST~

[Piano Time?!] 'A Quiet Practice Session': "Collection" ~Persona 4 - Dancing All Night OST~

[Combat - Prelude] 'An Unwarranted Imposition': "Kiss of Chaos" ~A Realm Reborn - Final Fantasy XIV OST~

[Combat - Postlude] 'Phew...': "I'll Face Myself (P4D ver.) ~Persona 4 - Dancing All Night OST~

~ Hidden Tracks ~

[Special 1] 'The Proposal': "Changing Me -Music Box-" ~Persona Q OST~

[Special 2] '???': "????" ~Persona Q OST~

[Special 3] '???': "????" ~Persona Q OST~

~ The Realm of RhyDin ~

[RhyDin City] 'Sanctuary from the Dusk': "Spagonia Hub - Night" ~Sonic Unleashed OST~

[The Inn - Morning/Midday] 'Just Another Day': "Much More Than I Feel Like" ~Persona 4 - Dancing All Night OST~

[The Inn - Evening] 'A Warm Drink with Friends': "Same Time, Same Feeling" ~Persona 4 - Dancing All Night OST~

[The Inn - Late Night] 'Where the Heart is': "Bindweed" ~Persona 4 - Dancing All Night OST~

[Southern Glen] 'A Moonlit Stroll': "Apotos Hub - Night" ~Sonic Unleashed OST~

[White Lotus Pavillion] 'Traditional Company': "Chun-Nan Hub - Night" ~Sonic Unleashed OST~

[Zyn's Cottage - Morning] 'A Pleasant Awakening...': "A Corner of Memories -in the labyrinth-" ~Persona Q OST~

[Zyn's Cottage - Evening] 'Time to Wind Down...': "School Memories -in the labyrinth-" ~Persona Q OST~

~ The Academy of Bristle Crios ~

[The Academy Grounds - Day] 'An Analyst's Etude': "Matoya's Cave -arrange- from FFI" ~Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy OST~

[The Academy Grounds - Night] 'The Spiritualist's Nocturne': "The Mushroomery" ~Heavensward - Final Fantasy XIV OST~

[Welcome Center] 'Studious Splendor': "Down the Up Staircase" ~Heavensward - Final Fantasy XIV OST~

[Zynisch's Office - Morning] The Student's Reprieve': "Pavilion of Doga & Unei" ~ Final Fantasy III (3D Remake) OST~

[Zynisch's Office - Midday] 'The Savant's Respite': "Doga & Unei - Let Me Know the Truth" ~Final Fantasy IX OST PLUS~

[Zynisch's Office - Evening/Late Night] 'The Scholar's Retreat': "Now I Know the Truth" ~Before the Fall - Final Fantasy XIV OST~

[Eternal House] 'The Hallowed Manor': "Candlelight" ~Disgaea 4 OST~

[Mage House] 'The Manor of Spell': "Welcome to the Overlord's Castle" ~Disgaea OST~

[Vampire House] 'The Manor of Blood': "Arcadian Vampire" ~Disgaea 4 OST~

[Demon House] 'The Manor of Brimstone': "Fugue of Hell" ~Disgaea 3 OST~

[Werewolf House] 'The Manor of Moonlight': "Extreme Outlaw King" ~Disgaea 3 OST~

[Alchemy House] 'The Manor of Transmutation': "Wonder Castle" ~Disgaea 2 OST~

[Warrior House] 'The Manor of Merit': "The Anthem of Braves" ~Disgaea OST~

Skills:  = Combative Prowess =

In combat, Zynisch is a self-taught practitioner of several arts of swordsmanship, blending principles of the blade and multiple disciplines of magic into a malleable style that suits his purposes. Equally effective at slinging his versatile spells as he his swinging his enchanted armaments, the still-learning Swordmage is swift to adapt to virtually any altercation wherein he finds himself. More notably, he possesses a variant of the ocular trait typically referred to in his region of origin as 'God's Eyes'. These cold and luminous, cerulean hues allow him the ability to intrinsically manipulate a curious kind of spiritual aether not typically accessible to even the manifold proficient spellcasters in RhyDin. When utilized to their fullest extent, said eyes will generate an additional, silvery gleam. At last, thanks to the stone embedded in his chest, he can channel the residual power of his original self, summoning the armor and sword he held in his past life. Wielding these, he has taken to referring to himself by a new name: "Lucius".

(( Author's Note: This mun is 24+ years of age and has been officially role-playing for around seven years. I will always endeavor to make conscious efforts at ascertaining your approval or lack thereof should a character you control become involved with or be placed directly in the path of one of his actions. Moreover, I will ask you via message or other appropriate means if you wish to accept it before you receive any of the potential consequences. ))

Notable Abilities:

* Possesses Innate crystogenesis & crystalmancy.

* Possesses an Innate, reactive reconstitution ability.

* Possesses Innate, still-developing empathic abilities.

* Possesses the Innate ability to perform "Soul Resonance" with another and unify their energy pools.

* Is Extremely Proficient with specific, spatial-temporal magicks.

* Is Extremely Proficient with lightning & fire magicks, both true and illusory.

* Is Highly Proficient with all basic, elemental magicks.

* Is Proficient with divine light magicks as an Aspect of Sunlight.

* Is Adept in "Shinobi Arts" & improvised magicks.

* Is Adept in "Aetherblade" combat (utilizing fire, lightning & spiritual energy).

* Is Adept at finding and cooperating with familiars; can influence other entities and creatures to bond with and protect him.

Notable Armaments & Accessories:

{"YUUREI" ("YOUKAI") ~ The Blade of Souls} - An absurdly sharp uchigatana with a curiously intense blade said to sing against the whistle of the wind. When drawn from its vanishing sheath under the influence of his God's Iris ability, it will wreath both itself and its wielder in a wispy, lavender aura, denoting the change in both sword and master. It's told by those who experience it that he calls the sword by a different name once the transformation has occurred. Whilst this blade is not necessarily his go-to in a skirmish, most duels he takes even remotely seriously will see this weapon brandished in its otherworldly luster and morbid beauty.

{"AYAKASHI & MONONOKE" ~ Twin Spirit Shards} - Two, nearly identical, magicked knives of distinctly western influence that bear Japanese names because of the shape transformation they undergo when influenced by Zynisch's empowered eyes. In their normal forms, their bejeweled cores carry a crystal each that gleams in tandem with their blade upon the infusion of their requisite magicks. Ayakashi's opal gem imposes a bright blue sheen over its sparking lightning blade, whilst Mononoke's tourmaline stone forms a flame-like covering over its edge. Both crystal and verge will attain an eerie violet coloration upon invocation of Zynisch's true sight, reforging their bodies into fiercely swift tanto. At their highest resonance, they will dimly shine silver.

{"THE SOL WRISTBAND" ~ Vow of Warmth} - An initially colorless, gem-bearing wristband that features a star emblem at its center. Made specifically for Zynisch, it was created to function as a Soul Resonance enhancer alongside its twin, the Lune Necklace that Izumi Takamine possesses. Once passively "charged" with the energy of the person opposite of the owner (in this case, Izumi) over an extended period of time, each will serve as a reservoir of energy that the user can tap into in order to perform a long-distance Resonance. Upon being imbued with Izumi's warm energy signature, it will glow a radiant goldenrod.

{"THE GODDESS'S JEWEL" ~ Black Solar Pearl} - A stone boasting a nearly abyssal darkness until it comes into contact with sunlight, whereupon it will visibly shine with the radiance of a master-cut diamond. As an artifact of the deity Amaterasu that was bestowed upon Zynisch for helping her find her self of self-worth in the mortal plane again, 'tis the only one of its kind. It serves as both the 'catalyst' for Zynisch to regain his former power and the bridge to his estranged memories. Once integrated into his system, it changed his lattice's glamour to more resemble his original self from eons prior. Additionally, his body will be wreathed in an intense aura of sunlight whenever he calls upon its powers.

{"COVETOUS MOON" ~ The Dark Sun's Armor} - A suit of armor made of a rune-enchanted, crystalline material which functions similarly to the metal. Its cape and skirt-like adornments are reminiscent of Zynisch's past life, shaped in the guise of a faint memory that he'd recalled upon meeting Ammy in earnest for the first time. Utilizing the enchantments it's been imbued with by Zynisch in his former life alongside the light it bears from the Sun Goddess, he can summon forth his original weapon. The armor can be both called upon and dismissed in the same manner: by having Zynisch press a palm one of his rune-etched shoulder plates. Severely limiting the domains of magic he can use, it also serves to protect him from most magicks, in turn. Its hallowed mail acts as a void that prevents unwanted eyes from clandestinely observing him or his surroundings.

{"CASTUS" ~ The Blade of Sanction} - A broad, crystalline Zweihander with a curious shape and a lengthy handle with which to support its laudable size. The entirety of the blade is etched with runes and enchantments, fueling its ridiculously powerful, light-aspected strikes with the sealed magical power of the wielder, as it siphons the ability to use the mystic arts away from whoever summons it forth to permit its use.

Notable Non-Combat Skills:

* Zynisch possesses an innate comprehension of most draconic and elvish languages, due to their roots in his homeland's mother language.

* He is able to sense and detect magical or otherworldly presences. He is not, however, able to automatically ascertain what they are, and will initially be unaware of their nature.

* Though not strictly non-combative, he often makes use of crystalline duplicates to observe places and people he normally could not, extending his already keen awareness beyond what it is normally capable of. At times, they can be seen talking with him or engaging in rather humanizing activities, suggesting that he creates them and gives them a snippet of his consciousness to interact more fluidly with the world around them.


= Combat Leitmotifs =
Music to be either played or related to the character is listed here. SPOILERS: There are way too many.

~ Duels - Personal ~



[Battle w/ ZYNISCH - 'LUCIUS' FORM] 'Blade of Sanction': "conciliation" ~BLAZBLUE PHASE IV CENTRALFICTION OST~

~ Duels - Special Versus ~






~ Battlefield ~

[Large-Scale Conflict - INITIAL] 'Justice at the Fore': "Fire Above the Battle" ~Lost Odyssey OST~

[Large-Scale Conflict - MIDDLE] 'The Battle Rages On': "Trisection -arrange- from FF:T" ~Dissidia Final Fantasy - Arcade (2015) OST~

[Large-Scale Conflict - LATTER] 'A Trial of Magnanimous Proportions': "Antipyretic -arrange- from FF:T" ~Dissidia Final Fantasy - Arcade (2015) OST~

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