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Character Profile: Russo
Portrait Avatar
August Russo

Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

All about Russo
Character Name:  August Russo
Race:  Human
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:   
Can Be Found:  In a gutter
Profession:  Ha!
Appearance:  The sound of glass colliding together was what stirred him, he’d jumped lightly opening his eyes which were fitted with what seemed like permanent bags beneath them. His headspace was a foggy minefield as her voice invaded it. “Yeah, he’s god damn high again… The place is trashed,” she spoke to someone he couldn’t see. Russo had to shut his eyes for a long moment only to widen them more than before. Curses were grumbled beneath his breath, intensifying as she kicked his leg. When she came into his field of vision she stood over him like an angel. Bright blonde hair and pale skin glowing in the lamplight. A hand was brought over his face as if he could smooth the haze away from his eyes and get a better picture of her. Though, why would he want to? He didn’t have to be sober to know that she looked heartbroken, it laced her tone.

“I’ll call you back,” she spoke into the receiver, clicking the phone off and crossing her arms over her chest. “You promised,” she whispered, her voice a trembling mess of multiple tones.

Russo knew he had to say something, anything to soften whatever she was feeling, but nothing would hold weight. Not while he was like this, “I’m sorry, I…” he started to climb into an upright position which may as well been Everest. Cut off in movement in words alike, as she shoved the lamp off the table in some fit of uncontrollable rage. Something he’d caused, something he’d instilled in her from day one. The light flickered and died; and so did her faith in him.

Her glow was gone, but whether it was by his own doing or the death of the lamplight he was unsure. “Don’t,” she said with a shake of her head. “I can’t,” her voice was mousey, chirping up little squeals of sadness and heartbreak. “Don’t you dare say another word,” she turned away to grab her keys. “If you want to kill yourself, fine. Don’t ask me to watch it anymore. I can’t,” and with that she was gone. The door closed behind her and that was it.

It should have been his rock bottom.

But he had much further to fall.
Skills:  If you ask him, he'll say he's not good at anything.
Silver Crowns: 1413.36
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  07 Sep 2013
Total posts:  20
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