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Character Profile: Josette Wheeler
Portrait Avatar
Josette Marie Wheeler

Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

All about Josette Wheeler
Character Name:  Josette Marie Wheeler
Race:  celestial
Gender:  female
Place of Origin:  born in France
Can Be Found:  most likely rehearsing
Profession:  principal dancer with the Shanachie Ballet
Appearance:  She is a lovely architect of dreamscapes, skipping in and out of dimensions as if they were puddles. These alluring pockets and portals reflecting secret, forbidden worlds that pull her curiosity like Mary Lennox to the Garden. This blithe spirit often in need of reminding not to roam from her mortal vessel for too long.

Her first entrance was a bit of a surprise, this lovechild of prominent French designer and a successful Savannah Lawyer. Josette is a petite, starry-eyed thing with a swanlike neck, Bardot mouth and hush-hush blood lines that run deeper than the deep South.

The intangible are her constant companions, while the ever evolving constructs of matter inspire her constant delight. She thrills at what the senses can experience in this body and never takes such things for granted. Taking as much pleasure in the taste of tiny tea leaves on her tongue as much as she does witnessing the birth of a star. The explosion of color from such a birth leaving their cosmic imprint like so many breadcrumb trails within the nebulae of her eyes, making their color often difficult to place.

The early onset of a childhood illness ushered in a certain reverence for the human form and its limits and capabilities. She was as intimate with the fickle constellations of her cells as she was with the ones that shined above her.

The scent of peach blossoms, honeysuckle, spanish moss and a touch of star jasmine still wove around her skin like a whisper of a benediction; redolent of old money secrets amidst sultry Savannah nights.

A sucker for good food, twinkle lights, carnival nights, music, the ballet, trees as sanctuaries, mille-feuille skirts of organza, tulle and fat satin ribbons. She is prone to daydream and "wander" when called to the stars; compelled to heed the song within the coding of her bones.

She can often be heard murmuring to herself while she gliding along in awe to the frequencies and rhythms Nature orchestrated with the help of so many multi-talented maestros. "What a lovely dream this is."

�Without even knowing it, I have
believed in you for a long time.
When I looked at my blood under a microscope
I could see truth multiplying over and over.
Not police sirens, nor history books, not stage-three lymphoma
persuaded me but your honeycombs and beetles; the dry blond fascicles of grass thrust up above the January snow. "

-Tony Hoagland
Skills:  Astral projection, lucid dreaming and inter-dimensional travel. Intensely empathic, though she is more of an auditory Empath that is sensitive to the vibration of voices and frequency in general. Plays the cello and has had many years of classical ballet training with the Paris Opera Ballet. Currently a principal dancer with the Shanachie Classical Ballet Troupe, 2015-2018.

Due to the progression of Josette's condition, she is at times able to see thought forms in intricate waves and patterns. Depending on the nature of the thoughts and their particular frequency, they take on an array of forms which may distract her, or result in subtle to violent tremors.

(OOC Note: If I miss something in the room, it's because I get dizzy and have to take frequent breaks from the computer when the room is really flying. I would never intentionally ignore anyone, so please message me if I miss any interaction. For her Tumblr and more insights into her world
Silver Crowns: 4621.16
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  04 Oct 2013
Total posts:  105
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