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Character Profile: .:Yami:.
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Mia Magestic Thorne

All about .:Yami:.
Character Name:  Mia Magestic Thorne
Race:  A cursed Indian princess that was blessed with her other half being a kindred spirited tiger. Although, she has the blood of a nephilim, how intriguing...
Gender:  female, in both forms
Place of Origin:  in the heart of the city known as Mumbai
Can Be Found:  must you ask something so bland?
Profession:  it is not a requirement of hers to be a protecter of the people
Appearance:  Now comes the written description of such a kind hearted human. With a curse she thinks to be more of a gift. The appearance of both halves have little to no physical similarity but one wouldn't look on the outer layer to see the beauty of her soul within. So, i ask of your forgiveness should she frighten you. For her spooks are never intentional.

Human known as 'Mia'
Look closely but not to close to a face marked with the fairest, and softness of skin. A hint of a tan across usual rosy cheeks for this particular woman blushes easy. Scattered in an orderly, though attractively wayward way lies the light layer of angels kisses across her midnight blue hair line, sparking an inner girl next door look.

Sprouting from her scalp lay a mop of hair mirroring the sky at its darkest hour. Streaks of sparkles rain down certain locks and come to a stunning design dancing along the tips and bottom layer. Silky to the touch and never getting a single tangle.

Once your gaze meet the ends, look innocently downward and spot clothing meant for past attire. Though the origin for such an outfit doesn't go back past six hundred years. Cloaked in a dress is she. Known to Mumbai as a sharara. The above layer houses many shimmering designs and swirls flaming along the neckline, sending her collarbone into a festivity of many beads. Most of which being plastic, and only very few originate from America.

Come along now, and follow the beaded strings leading you past her partially exposed midsection, and some even connect to the lines measuring the perfect circle around her waist. The swirls seem in a never-ending curve traveling down the incredibly long bottom half. Reaching below her feet adorned in heels not to high for perilous journeys in any weather conditions.

Along the very bottom edge lay a ring of gold. Looking closer, and beyond the shine of the circlet that deceived the eyes of most, is the aura surrounding such a trinket. Too which, one would suggest it's use would be beyond that of merely show.

Tiger known as 'Miandra'-
Love and loss. The bookmarked emotions of this silver pelted creature. Known only to america (and other countries) as a threat. But she, beyond any you would ever come to know, recognizes the beings that are not harmful. She is smart enough to tell such an obvious difference. And the test of trust for her is to see if you can appropriately approach a tiger.

First off, the form itself is small and has some slimness like her in the form of a human. Though, she has some great strength. Both internally, and physically. It is barely used, along with the teeth that rarely bare.

A glimmering pelt caught in the right lighting appears to be a bright white. Thus, deceiving the inhabitants within a snow covered land. But in actuality, silver tufts of hair roll across skin matching 'Mia's'. Like a bright ocean with continuously moving waves.

Paws with pads of jet black prowl in search of meals when the human can't obtain it. Which is rare, and avoided almost entirely. The length of her extremely curvy claws nearly reach the same length as your middle finger. If you were human, that is.

At last, comes the area people strive to spot on such a wondrous animal. Take a journey across the pelt, and meet the cobalt circlets bearing the loved color of intense blue. Holding way too many emotions one measly tiger would possess. A black snout is also visible, along with the black line marking the precise location of where bottom lip meets upper lip. No other colors is she seen with... In this form, at least.
Skills:  ROAR!
Tiger tiger burning bright,
like the star the sky houses tonight,
so quick, skilled, wild, and free,
like the me I strive to be
-black rose
Majestic is one word, but dangerous is in the list. For this type of animal is quite the fighter. Against a lion the chances are odd, but anything else is pretty much earning a death sentence if they challenge this creature.

Ok, enough with those stereotypical lies everyone throws around. Not every one of them is harmful within close proximity. Miandra sure as hell ain't.

Sure her claws can rip through anything they desire with a bit of strength if the material called for it. But does that necessarily sentence it to happen?

Sure those teeth can abliterate competition with one or two strikes. Sharp as the pencil point can be describes the bones at their best. Now that this is known, is it destined to occur?

It is very likely these things were thought of at the sight of her form. For she can look as menacing as a dragon, yet as sweet as a house cat. With the addition of a steady purr. So don't take such measures as to be alarmed. Give it a minute, she can impress. Not that she does it willingly. Only for those who believe in the stories.
Mia. The swordsmen with great agility, and slight of hand. This way and that went her form in dark armor upon the best horse in the kingdom. Fighting hard for her people in a battle that should not have been. Those who took her aid called the mistress 'Black Rose'. The ultimate maiden better at combat then most men wish to be. And it only took a few weeks worth of lessons.
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