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Character Profile: I'imi'idi'ina
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I'imi'idi'ina Foxingale-Walley

All about I'imi'idi'ina
Character Name:  I'imi'idi'ina Foxingale-Walley
Race:  Lupinossai
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:  Lupinossai Den
Can Be Found:  the Hospital, home
Profession:  Looa of Healing and Protection, apprentice doctor to Fen Stridar
Appearance:  I'imi'idi'ina is a young Earthre Lupinossai of six but looks more like a eighteen-year-old thanks to hard physical and magical training, plus his Looa blood which speeds his aging like it did his stepsister, Lene. He is well-muscled, though not buff. More like a dancer or swimmer. He is very plain looking, with brindle dominant fur and white-tufted ears and whiskers. His snout is long like a Labrador's, and a fine leather muzzle, with rubies set upon it, silver buckles, and his name etched in one of the straps, prohibits his once powerful voice--needless to say, he doesn't wear it all the time now. His ears are floppy rather than straight like a foxes. Hazel eyes peer out of his skull, mature but always learning. He possesses three Maasi'imi'i, all held by a silver Streepaami'i, and marked with either the emblem of Foxingale or the Den. They all extend over his right shoulder and wrap around his waist, the loose ends forming a flowing loin cloth. He also owns a set of grey wizard robes, given to him by Cymric, which he wears from time to time, mostly when he is training. When the robes are present, the muzzle is never on.

He can also often be found donning a black cloak of fine make, with the Foxingale emblem stitched in orange, that holds pockets within that contain his neverending journal and quill that never runs out of ink. A circlet of platinum and topaz always rests on his head.

Grimanth: A six-month-old young adult, now around twenty feet high at the shoulder, Grimanth has violet scales and a peculiar blood red mark crossing her right eye. Ivory talons tip each finger on her fore and back legs, and a long tail hints at a strong flyer in her future. Her breath ability is pestilence, which takes the form of a sickly green gas that causes horrendous illness and infection almost instantly, eventually resulting in a horrific death as the body rots away from the inside out. It was this same breath that jeopardized the dragonelle's life. She was saved, however, by her bondmate and his sister, Rawsha, but at the loss of her storm-grey eyes. These are now replaced by a pair of enchanted amethysts that enable her to zoom in on targets and see life force.
Skills:  I'imi'idi'ina is a Looa, a rareity of Lupinoss. He possesses no heritage to the Champion's of the Fleetian line, so he is truly a one of a kind. His magical prowess lies primarily in Restoration, Enchanting, and Pyromancy, of which he is a master of each.

-Fire Affinity: Iimii has a strong affinity towards Fire. He can manipulate it, create it, and even become it. His main means of teleportation, of objects and himself, is also by using fire, which is far more accurate and less risky than teleportation by the Nexus. His affinity also causes his body to be extremely warm, staying the cold for anybody who is within a couple of feet from him.

Psionics: In addition to being a natural empath, he is a fairly skilled telepath, able to read minds, though never without the knowledge of the subject, and communicate without ever talking. He can also teach others his native language, Lupesh, through this medium. With the correct words, he can also manipulate objects, causing them to float, be pushed away, pulled, or even make them stop in mid-action. Iimii has also perfected a dream spell that allows him, through scrying, to walk the dreams of the subject he is watching as a part of the dream (sort of like Freddy Krueger, except he doesn't kill you or control the environment).

Creature summoning:
-Dire Wolf Lucied: When his name is called, Iimii can summon a Dire Wolf of Bahamuts realm named Lucied, a horse-sized wolf with an armored underbelly that is extremely powerful magically as well. He does, however, have free will and can choose to ignore Iimii's summon.

-Seraph: With the proper mixture of symbols in the correct order, Iimii can also summon a Seraph, a bound angel of Bahamut that fell, but is not evil. A massive white dragon, bound by chains that do not weigh him down, the seraph is compelled to obey everything the summoner commands of him until dismissed.

-Hound of Cain Carrot McGrifilkan: Draped around his neck is a silver whistle, which can summon a Hound of Cain named Carrot, one of Iimii's best friends. It only works at night.

Familiars: Iimii possesses a fire serpent, which looks like a boa constrictor made out of fire with the blackest of eyes. It can extend up to 100 paces away from its Master, become a basilisk in times of trouble, and it is fused with Iimii in the back of the chest. It is made of his pure soul fire, which shimmers white because of certain enchantments that Iimii has cast to protect it, in particular against water-based attacks, which can cripple and even kill him.

Iimii also possesses another familiar that is not made of his soul fire. Going by the name of Hephaestus, it is a separate entity that is not an extension of his Master like Flame is. It is ever present, watching over Iimii like a hawk watches over its nest. Hephaestus looks like a miniature version of Godzilla, towering over its Master by three feet. There is never a moment where Iimii is without him.

On his right paw, a fine steel bracer is seen. It depicts a healer at the fireside, tending to a small patient, presumably a pup. This bracer enhances and focuses his power, allowing him to heal deeper injuries than would normally be within his limits. He also possesses a crystal wand, forged by Xangrath, that expands his magical prowess a bit further, though he is far from an expert with it.

After his Looa reinstatement, Iimii no longer uses his powers for attack. He is a healer, and will only use his powers in defense of himself or others. However, in the event of an actual battle, Iimii does possess a mithril suit of armor and a pair of light katana blades forged in the realm of Divines by Bahamut's emissary.
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