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Character Profile: Moonlit Akira
Portrait Avatar
Akira Alexandros
Tutor, Locksmith

Art/Photo Credit:
Madison Beer


Art/Photo Credit:

All about Moonlit Akira
Character Name:  Akira Alexandros
Race:  Vampire
Gender:  Female
Place of Origin:  A place where shadows call the shots.
Can Be Found:  Getting into trouble
Profession:  Artist/Student
Appearance:  A light slowly fades in, beaming down center stage. In the light a lone figure stands, about 5'5", slender and feminine. Dark hair with a purple shine, sometimes straight, other times in waves if the long hair has been held together in a bun or braid. Pouty lips in soft pinks or red shades. Her eyes are a deep red that sometimes penetrate the shadows in which she lurks. The same eyes that turn black when stressed or angered. The eyes that if you are lucky, will glimmer with warm yellows and orange if you happen to amuse or excite her. Eyes, that she otherwise keeps hidden behind heavy tinted black sunglasses. A gift from a sharply dressed man she once met at Stars End Bar.

You wont see her wear jewelry. Unless you are lucky enough to see her right hand, and the platinum band with the Alexandros house seal on her right ring finger. On her left is a silver ring which rests on her middle finger, adorned with dark stones. An heirloom from her mother. Next to it on her ring finger is another silver ring with a diamond and rubies. This ring given to her by Aaron, Her fiance. Most of the time these hands are hidden away in gloves, or inside her red cloak, very lady like and proper.

If you study her long enough, you may catch a glimpse of a book, dark leather binding, tucked underneath her left arm. That's if she has it with her, she has left it home as of late. With the trouble she seems to find, it's not something she would want to have lost.

Akira is in a constant state of change at the moment. Study her well, for the next time you see her, she may not be the same sweet shy girl she was when she first stepped foot in RhyDin.

Recent events have pulled her away from the people she knows. There is a man searching for her, perhaps you've crossed paths with the man in black. He is treachery reforged. A once kind and gentle soul. His motives for finding her are unclear. There is no telling if he is searching with good intent or something more sinister. Those who know him know well he is highly motivated by the destruction and misery of those around him. Family or not. No one is safe. Not from him, or her.
Skills:  ((Work in Progress))
Empathy: Sense Emotion
She can sense the feelings and emotions of those around her. This ability strengthens the closer she is to the person bit in proximity and emotional connection. This can be quite dangerous if she allows herself to get too close to someone. It is for this reason she avoids being in large groups.

In deep sleep she will receive information about things to come. Will sketch out portraits and scribble down notes about them. The notes arenít always in a language she can read and she isnít aware of the sketches resulting in more than half of them being undiscovered; until recently when she became aware of this. She now keeps two books. One on her nightstand for these dream notes, and the other for her regular waking doodles and notes.

Ability to see and predict opponentís movements and counter accordingly. This is rare and only happens when she is super focused.

Eagle Eyes
The ability to focus in on a target long range. She can look at something that is far away and zoom in on it to get a better look as though she were looking through a telescope.

Super human speed. While she has the ability to move faster than most, she is not as fast as other stronger, and older vampires, or supernatural creatures.

Be warned, there is a darkness in her. There are things about herself that are slowly surfacing, things she must learn to control.

Under the supervision and care of Dante Alexandros XXIII, who adopted her and has taken her in as a daughter and pupil, Akira is learning to control these abilities to full potential. She also receives training and lecture from Saine Darkies, her uncle by blood. They are her mentors. She looks up to them and holds great respect for them. Even if she acts out from time to time. She loves them like any daughter and niece would their father and uncle respectively.
Silver Crowns: 3091.00
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Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  17 Jul 2014
Total posts:  14
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Occupation:  Artist
Last Visited: Tue Aug 22, 2017 6:15 pm
Signature:  "I don't know what you've done to me but I know this much is true, I want to do real bad things with you."
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