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Character Profile: SouthernDaylight
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Lucien Benoit
Sad Sack Vampire

Art/Photo Credit:
image of Gespard Ulliel

Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Art/Photo Credit:
Image of Gespard Ulliel

All about SouthernDaylight
Character Name:  Lucien Benoit
Race:  Human (Vampire)
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:  New Orleans
Can Be Found:  New York penthouse or Hotel Dumort
Profession:  Financial Manager
Appearance:  Luc lost his life some 150 years ago in the Battle of Gettysburg. Fighting for the Confederacy, young Benoit never amounted to more than a corporal within General Lee's army.

Orginally from New Orleans, once his transformation from human into vampire had occurred, the young man discovered he could never return home and instead caught a boat overseas to live in Paris.

Around the 1920's, he returned to the United States but felt that there were still too many memories associated with living in the south and, since it was the roaring 20's, decided to live in New York where all the action was. As luck would have it, at that time, a fairly new vampiress had taken over the coven there and so he fit right in.

Lucien spends most of his time conducting business through the phone or teleconferencing at his high-rise home, frequenting the Hotel Dumort to touch base with the coven.
However, Luc is certainly not all business; this vampire attends many underground parties with other Downworlders and is living it up as he couldn't in life.

Lucien's hair is a dark chestnut color that he keeps out of his eyes. His medium length hair tends to obey where he puts it...provided there is enough product to force it.

Just shy of six feet and generally dressed in fine suits sans the blazers, the century old vampire is rather laid back. He prefers to have willing food sources rather than being a brute and assaulting people. When none can be found, he is not above sipping from a blood bag like a juice box.

His voice still holds the slight french tilt to it. To some, it holds a certain charm or je ne sais quoi.
Skills:  Unlike most other vampires, Luc is a Daylighter...a believed rare form of undead creature that can walk about in the sunlight without bursting into flames.

Unable to consume normal mortal food, Lucien is cursed with the vampiric disease to consume blood in order to survive.

And, like every other vampire in existence, he has heightened senses, strength and speed.
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Joined:  27 Jul 2014
Total posts:  46
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