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Character Profile: The Seers of Eternity
Portrait Avatar
The Seers of Eternity

Art/Photo Credit:
Final Fantasy XIV screenshot. All rights go to the original creator(s).


All about The Seers of Eternity
Character Name:  The Seers of Eternity
Race:  Formerly & Superficially Human; High Riftborn
Gender:  Several
Place of Origin:  Unknown
Can Be Found:  The Dimensional Interstice; The Shimmerscale Lair; Other Anomalous Regions
Profession:  Shion's Overarching Sight; The Overseers of Time and Space
Appearance:  {OOC Preface: This account is the host of the miscellaneous and myriad cloaked figures at Lord Shion's beck and call. If you're looking for the Triumvirate of beings that lead the group, they are as follows:

Shion Maegne, The Last Everseer

Heraldyn, High-Seer of the Undying Shadow

Priony, High-Seer of the Infinite Void

The revealed, lesser members are listed here as well:

Rialza, Seer of the Unfettered Abyss

????, Seer of the Unyielding Avarice

If there are any questions, send an IM to me in Live Roleplay or throw the first link a PM. I'll be sure to elaborate.}

The Seers of Eternity is a nebulous organization comprised of highly specialized and individually powerful mages. It was formed by the Dread Magus, Scionius, to shore up his reserves of power for his conquest over all things mystic and arcane in addition to keeping tabs on all manner of variations in the timeline wherein he was present.

Alas, this was a pretense, as he was actually working from a phantom memory borne of his original self, Shion Maegne. Namely, it was his lingering desires to revive as a complete person and, by proxy, resurrect the eldritch clan of mage-adepts that had wronged him... in his own way. It is unknown as to whether he meant to reunite with his few loved ones within the clan, or if it was purely to restore the clan to glory under his own management. Nevertheless, Scionius was left mostly unaware of this development when he created the Order.

To this end, he fashioned a group of willing followers who began to study the ability to manipulate the fabric of space and time to suit their whims. Eventually, this culminated in both the recollection and summary recombination of his fractured existence, as well as his persistence throughout time and space. Additionally, Shion has retroactively imprinted the Order's machinations on history's weave, manipulating events in his alteration of the timeline relevant to him as having its claws in a number of events in this one when they should have otherwise not. Such is the result of having sealed himself in the long past for a number of millennia once he returned as a complete person.

Now, after having gained a sizable foothold on the Realm itself, the movements of group's clandestine leaders, The Thirteen Esoterics, work tirelessly to ensure Shion is never entirely extricated or removed from the timeline, whilst its twin overheads ranking just below the archmagus proper worm their way into Rhy'Din's infrastructure to ensure he remains relevant even when he's not committing the active atrocities that serve to preserve his true, human body.

{Author's Note: Any number of miscellaneous Seers could be represented by this account. Should you wish the number or quality to be clarified, simply shoot me an IM for some more info. :D}


= Personal Leitmotifs =
Music to be either played or related to the character is listed here.

~*Character Theme(s)*~

[Theme of THE SEERS] 'Prelude to Abyss': "Without Shadow" ~Before Meteor: Final Fantasy XIV OST~

[Encounter with THE SEERS] 'The Growing Wellspring': "The Nightmare" ~Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance OST~

[Theme of THE VOIDSEER] 'An Obfuscating Void': "Aether President Lusamine's Theme, Version 1" ~Pokemon Sun & Moon OST~

[Theme of THE SHADOWSEER] 'A Disquieting Darkness': "Lusamine's Madness" ~Pokemon Sun & Moon OST~

~*The Thirteen Esoterics*~

[The Thirteen Esoterics] 'The Seats XIII': "Dark Vows" ~Before The Fall: Final Fantasy XIV OST~

[The Thirteenth Ordeal] 'Seeking the XIII': "Loss of Time" ~Before The Fall: Final Fantasy XIV OST~

[The Thirteenth Confrontation] 'Before the XIII': "Rouse Out!" ~Before The Fall: Final Fantasy XIV OST~

Skills:  = Combat Leitmotifs =
Music to be either played or related to the character is listed here. Songs relating to his other forms can be found here:{}

~*Duels & Battles*~

[Battle with the Lesser Seers] 'Trial from the Rift': "Aqua's Theme" ~Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage OST~

[Battle with the High-Seers] 'War-Anthem of the Abyss': "Thunderer" ~A Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIV OST~

Silver Crowns: 461.22
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  12 Feb 2015
Total posts:  5
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