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Character Profile: Sira
Portrait Avatar
Sira Ardhal, MD

Art/Photo Credit:
Caitriona Balfe, minor edits

Adult Wyrm
Adult Wyrm

All about Sira
Character Name:  Sira Ardhal, MD
Race:  Seems human
Gender:  Female
Place of Origin:  New York City, NY, Earth
Can Be Found:   
Profession:  "Concierge Doctor"
Appearance:  First... do no harm.

The good doctor is a quiet and reserved woman, of only average height at five-foot-five, and a modest sense of dress not meant to draw the eye. Typically she keeps her black hair tied back from her face in a low twist or bun, but left down it falls about to her mid-back with enough curl to it to call it wild. As an avid, life-long runner she is lean, and toned from years spent learning to defend herself. Her honey-brown eyes hold a wary edge to them, always vigilant. Always watching.

What is visible on the surface is just the tip of the ice berg. Just beneath is ever an air of subtle anxiety, prompted by a preternatural gift to feel the emotions of others--and so much more.^ What had once been a gift that aided her in her profession has grown into a curse that she can never fully suppress.

Deeper yet is a secret sheathed in shadow and flame hidden within her soul. Even she isn't fully aware of the truth of what she is and the little she knows she tries to dismiss as a fantasy. Something that isn't exactly easy living in this particular city...
Skills:  ---------*OOC*---------
Trillian: onestepmercy

^Sira is an empath/telepath. Her ability to sense emotion is much stronger than her ability to hear thoughts. Often she can only hear ideas. Only her empathy is an active ability, and she usually keeps it suppressed to a whisper. I only use this in play with permission, and very rarely at that.

Every now and again she makes fire go a little crazy.

She is not actually human, though for all intents and purposes she seems that way. She outwardly exhibits very few racial traits of her kind and her true nature is currently both suppressed and shielded. It can be revealed only by somewhat invasive means. Attempts to discover what she is may result in rather... unfavorable results. Please ask.

Sira owns a large Bernese mountain dog named Bryn. He accompanies her a decent amount of time. While usually very mild tempered, he has a fierce bite and is very strong.

This is a revival of an old character from AOL circa 1995-2002ish. Working out the details!

I lurk a lot. If I'm in a room other than the lobby, I'm around, but not always paying attention. I'm probably writing/drawing. Just prod me!
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Joined:  15 Jun 2015
Total posts:  254
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