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Character Profile: Mark Low
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Mark Barlow
Gypsy King

Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

All about Mark Low
Character Name:  Mark Barlow
Race:  Human
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:  Tha Road
Can Be Found:  Rhy'Din
Profession:  Modern Day Gypsy King
Appearance:  The road was long and never ending for their family. In fleets of RVs and caravans, they wandered the world as modern-day gypsies. The network had gotten large, some of them had splintered off and bought houses, opting for a more settled lifestyle. All that really meant was that their home became a docking station for the rest of the 'family' during the course of different travels. Mark wasn't sure how many brothers, sisters or cousins he had by blood, birth, or name, but the web extended out there. Someone always knew someone who could help you with a bit of this or that, or getting a bit of this or that. As his father's eldest, he grew up shoulder to shoulder with him over the motor of a car, spitting deals, and gettin' whatever kind of fuel they needed to keep moving.

It was last year that his Da passed from cancer, and that left Mark young but in charge of the Barlow caravans. The last month his Da were alive he spent it giving Mark every bit of advice he had.

Mark was known for being quietly wary of non-gypsy folk. He was a bit superstitious. The folks that grew up with him knew how much he liked alternative and rock music, he usually liked wearing band t-shirts. When he was feeling overwhelmed he put in his earbuds and walked the edge of the water at the glen. At times he was too guarded, but people always knew he loved them. Mark had a way of saying things without saying them.
Skills:  He spent most evenings by tha bonfire, putting on wood and watching for it like it were some beacon, calling back home all those members of his family he were needing. Tha fire was there, lightin' their way home fer whenever they wanted to be there.

Standing at the bonfire alone late at night, he looked at caravans which was still there and those that had changed, come and gone. It were hard tah think about tha bloodshed. About seein' Cole get shot down and then Mac. Dave had come tah join them and Ian, his cousin, was finally back and in sore need of regaining himself from all that had happened. Somewhere in the midst of all that there was love, too, and he was spending jist about every night he got free with Grace.

Campside was close tah bein' healed aftah all tha happened, and he and Grace found their way tah one another. They gone and said their Beltane vows and now it was gonna be like the whole world was celebratin' them when the festival come. She took him for the good and bad of him and tha same o' him fer her. Not a thin' in the world could be perfect, but they wasn't askin' fer perfect. They jist wanted tha small space tah be with one another and fall tah sleep in each other's arms.
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