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Character Profile: Hex
Portrait Avatar

Art/Photo Credit:
Matt Sanders

Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Art/Photo Credit:
Matt Sanders

All about Hex
Character Name:  Hex
Race:  Something called a "Daedric Prince". He's figuring it out.
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:  Hell
Can Be Found:  Home, at the Garage working on a car project. Wandering.
Profession:  Mechanic at Full Moon Automotive
Appearance:  Wearing alternative clothing, usually a shirt with the sleeves removed or a tank top, low slung jeans that are baggy, aviators. Has one lip piercing. Dimples. Yellow eyes that no one sees as he never takes off the glasses. Rings on each finger. Tattoos, everywhere on his torso and arms. Hair slicked back and black. Muscular. 6'4. Never serious. Has no belly button.

~~No longer a playboy. He's put his incubus-ing about to rest and is putting forth an effort in a committed relationship with a long-legged Vixen by the name of Saila ((KhaoticBliss)).~~

New knowledge of what this abomination is has come to light. Born from the blood of Momos and Asmodai, he's discovered that their true names are Sanguine and Hircine, and that they are like demonic Gods, in one form or another. Spawned of these two, he is—or was-- a brand new Daedric Prince with no spheres.

That is, until someone discovered how to kill them. Hermaeus Mora, having possibly foreseen Mehrunes Dagon’s demise, saw the opportunity that this test tube abomination represented. With the old Prince dead, Hex was, essentially, crammed into the position, fated to be the replacement.

He already knows the jist of what it entails: ambition, energy, destruction. But it seems there’s a twist: he’s recently discovered that the spheres of revolution and change are also within his grasp. Learning that he has the capacity to change himself has made all the difference.

He’s teaching himself to manipulate energy, mostly his own, to a higher caliber, and to recognize familiar energy at increasing distances. It’s a process, and he’s dedicated himself to developing it.

Never a stranger to Ambition, born as he is of Asmodai who was Lust in Hell, he's coming to understand what the sole purpose of Ambition truly is. Urges far stronger than he's ever yet encountered have him working harder, finding motivation where there is none and well... learning how to control it so he doesn't have to do 'all the things'.

Destruction is simple, or so he thought. With a new appreciation for Abaddon, he's trying to control those destructive urges, revolting against his old ways to turn over a new leaf. Sometimes... he might
just have to break a thing or two.

He has no idea what to do with revolution and change. Working first on himself, for the first time he finds he his own man, no longer controlled by Lust and Spite. Spite, in particular, seems to have gone dormant.

Which means that for the first time ever, he can say whatever the hell he wants without reprisal or repercussion. He no longer finds himself saying awful things he doesn’t mean. Which, considering his relationship... he can't exactly say he's going to miss. It's unknown whether the Spite will rise once more, but he's making the best of it while he can.

Being, well... a baby on Daedric Prince standards, he's new in the field and working hard to catch up.

(A shout out to Saila-mun for helping me edit this profile, making it much more understandable and also sprucing it up <3 You're a doll~)

((All references to Daedric Princes are from Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series. No copyright intended, for entertainment use only.))
Skills:  Motorcycles, cars, ambition, destruction, energy manipulation, change, revolution. Drinking to excess with little to show for it.
Silver Crowns: 293.00
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  28 Sep 2015
Total posts:  99
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