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Character Profile: Junichi Johnny Matsumae
Portrait Avatar
Junichi "Johnny" Matsumae
Gunsmith, Engineer

Art/Photo Credit:
(c) 2017 AMF


Art/Photo Credit:
(c) 2017 AMF

All about Junichi Johnny Matsumae
Character Name:  Junichi "Johnny" Matsumae
Race:  Human of Japanese American extraction.
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:  San Diego, California, United States of America
Can Be Found:   
Profession:  U.S. Army Infantry Sergeant of the 442nd RCT, circa October 1944
Appearance:  The first thing you notice about him is the Uniform. He wears an olive drab US M1 Steel Pot helm with a camo net. The camo net worn through and torn in places from use, the olive drab #3 paint flaking off the stainless steel rim, letting some shine through. He wears a wool overcoat in a darker olive drab color over a shorter M-1943 field jacket and field trouser in that same darker olive drab. His boots, leather, of the two buckle m-1943 variety.

He wears a M-1923 cartridge belt around his waist with an M-1910 Scabbard , M-1942 First Aid Packet and canteen and cover. His M-1943 pistol belt and suspenders hang unhooked almost as he hadn't had time to get rid of them before putting on the cartridge belt.

Attached to the pistol belt and suspenders looks to be another canteen and cover, a US M-1911 holster containing an Automatic Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911A1, a M-1911 double magazine pouch, a M-1936 Musette bag, a five cell Thompson magazine pouch, a M-1942 First Aid Packet, and a M-1943 three cell grenade pouch.

Closer examination of the pistol, magazine pouches, grenade pouch and 50 Round Thompson drum magazine in the musette bag would show them to be empty.

In his right hand, a construct of oiled walnut and machined parkerized steel, The U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1. On the end is attached an older unmodified M-1905 Bayonet, with blued steel and oiled walnut grip panels. At the sling loops an oiled leather 1907 sling.

He seems to hold it easily enough, as if confident he could use it, but standing as if he wasn't quite used to holding the balance of it. If asked about that he might smile sadly, a little uncomfortably, and tell you," It's Frank Miyamoto's Garand, I'm just borrowing it until I can find a way to get it back to him".

Over his left shoulder on an olive drab cotton webbing Kerr sling, another construct, this of blued machined steel, and oiled walnut, A M-1928 Thompson Submachine Gun with finned barrel and Cutts compensator.

Loaded into the magazine well appears to be a field expediently made magazine of two thirty round Thompson Magazines spot welded together in "Jungle Style", but both appear to be unloaded, sporting dents and a large jagged tear going through where both magazine bodies overlap.

If asked he'd tell you, "Yeah, Jerry shot her out of my hands, and when I got all the mud out she still wouldn't work. Maybe a problem with the firing pin. Why didn't I leave her behind? Well I couldn't, I trained with her at Fort Shelby, and have had her all through the war. I couldn't just leave her in the mud for one of these 7th Army guys or Jerry to take her. Besides, she's a 1928 model. They don't make them like that anymore. War time production short cuts."

If caught without the overcoat, you'd see three chevrons on the arms of the M-1943 field jacket, and above them on his right shoulder a flag with thirteen red and white stripes , square field of blue in the upper left hand corner with forty eight stars in white, on his left shoulder an oblong hexagonal patch, the torch of liberty being held aloft in white on a field of blue, a border of white and then red. If asked about those two patches, you'd be hard pressed to tell which one he was more proud of. "Yeah. that's me, G.I. Johnny. The Four Four Two. 3rd Battalion, Item, sorry, that's I Company."

If approached he'd offer you a lucky strike from the crinkled white pack he keeps in his jacket, take one for himself, and light them up with his black crinkle finish zippo, letting it hang out of the corner of his mouth, looking a bit uncomfortable with keeping something burning near his face, as if he'd just started smoking recently.

He's about 5'9", 175lbs, medium stocky build, with browned skin and a few days of black stubble on his chin. You might mistake him for a Latino until you looked under the rim of that M1 helmet and saw a Japanese American face looking back at you with a shy smile. He's bigger and darker than the stereotypical Japanese you might have seen in the paper or the newsreels.

Maybe it's from years spent on his parents farm, or helping on his uncles fishing boat when it went out with the tuna fleets in the summer. Before the war, Santa Fe Depot, and Manzanar interrupted that. Maybe it's from all those days in sultry heat and humidity training at Camp Shelby in Mississippi, or days spent in Italy and Southern France.

After a minutes silence, and a drag of that Lucky Strike he'd ask," So? What did ya need?"

A few years have passed since Johnny first arrived in Rhydin, and though the Thompson is still a regular companion, he is now found in civilian clothes as often as field jackets, a plain gold band on his left ring finger. Happily married to Sakura Mizutani Matsumae, and the father to Ai Matsumae, Johnny has found peace and some small success as a homesteader and businessman, regularly volunteering with the local troop of the Rhydin scouts, the West End Guard, and as an advisor to The K.N.K.
Skills:  Farming, Fishing, US soldiering circa October 1944, Hobby Gunsmithing, Hobby Carpentry, Hobby Blacksmithing, Gasoline internal combustion engine for tractor and automobile use maintenance, Automobile and tractor operation circa 1940s united states, Basic manufacturing engineering circa 1940-41 United States. (Education interrupted due to internment.)
Silver Crowns: 4182.94
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Joined:  26 Mar 2016
Total posts:  3
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