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Character Profile: starbound
Portrait Avatar
Dove MacBride

Art/Photo Credit:
Autumn (by tsuaii on DA) & chloe moretz.


All about starbound
Character Name:  Dove MacBride
Race:  Werewolf
Gender:  Female
Place of Origin:  Ireland
Can Be Found:  Ireland, England, and Rhydin
Profession:  Loremaster / Shop Keep for an Apothecary / Student at Bristle Crios
Appearance:  Arcane dust gleamed against the peaches and cream tincture giving a moonscape tinge to the woman’s being. The scatter of magic residue around the shop often plagued her, enhancing the subtle features woman. Valkyrie gold hair was kept up in a bun wisp of it kissing the complexion and hiding those steel gray eyes. They were the same hue as her mothers but somehow carried flecks of rasputin blue - a touch from her father. She wasn’t thin, nor was she fat, laying somewhere between with a bit of baby fat over the shape of a woman’s figure a tell-tell sign of the physical age of the woman.

* If in the market or back alley char most likely in/near Bandages & Bottles (the apothecary / adventure shop):

* Char has an ancient magical artifact on her right hand in the form of a ring. It can only be seen as a tattoo or scar from far away. It can not be removed and often she hides it under something but it can be sensed to magic users / those sensitive to it. When she is using her magic her veins get tainted from around the ring climbing up her arm showing the ‘taint’ it gives her on her body. Feel free to know somethings there but it’s highly doubted one would recognize what it is.

* Dove is not the chars real name some do know it. Do not assume you know it unless your char has interactions with her elsewhere.
Her connection of generation keeps her magic field strong. Visiting earth a bit of 'recharge' is needed through a series of meditation and physically being close to the generations of her family before. Around her neck she carries a small prayer box that over the years has had multiple family members blood added. This necklace has been passed down through several generations and keeps a physical link between the realms and holds her magic stronger. On the death of a family member it is not uncommon for a piece of flesh / organ to be removed from their body and a piece be consumed to honor their memory.

Gather Information -
The ability to an item or answers to question that someone is looking for. If the answer or item is hidden from true sight then she can find the way around that by locating the item needed to break the hiding. As she quotes 'often the answers we seek are not the ones we find'.

Also can find general information concerns local happenings, rumors, gossip, and the like. Specific information usually relates to a particular question. Restricted information includes facts that are not generally known and requires that the character locate someone who has access to such information. Protected information is even harder to come by and might involve some danger, either for the one asking the questions or the one providing the answer. There's a chance that someone will take note of anyone asking about restricted or protected information.

The use of her cards (tarot and other self created ones) often are used to help with this.

Healing -
Using her ability to manipulate energy of a person she can heal minion wounds without the aide of outside tools. She has to conjure the energy from herself to do it thus putting her in a weaken state. Certain divine conjurations heal creatures or even bring them back to life.

Projection -
Ability to project a form of herself into a location she is not physically able to get to. She can not be seen or heard in her projected state. Also she can be lost from her body and it die.

This magic is a type of 'holder magic' where she stores previous energy she gathers through the day to day events. She pours her excess magic into them while creating so she can allow them to be set off at use. Depending on the card depends on what they do. So far her known cards are the following:

Arrow Cards: Combative
It shoots several arrows from the card once the magic is activated. Each shot hones in on a specific person.

Cards Volly: Combative
Enchanted range attacks the cards make a physical push on impact. It has been known to make small craters on the ground though the physical strength of the cards against a person is unknown.

Sleep Card: Combative
This card has a single photo of the sandman. When activated it plays a small tune that puts the target(s) to sleep for an undetermined amount of time.

Personal Effect Cards:
Light card- Card glows like a flashlight
Dark Card - Removes light from the area.
Firey Card - Creates a fire when used
Water Card - Creates water where thrownWi
Wind Card - Creates blast of the wind from card
Travel Card - Port from place to place.
Lightning Card - Makes Lightning.
Lover Card - Makes Lust spell
Reverse Death - Resurrection Card

Call Cards - Like Life Alert and a walkie talkie rolled into one.
These cards are made by pairs, the most common being to her and the person getting the card. These set acts as a walkie-talkie to each other allowing them to communicate through vast lands (including realms), time, and space. When one is injured, sick, or in danger they only have to briefly think of the person the card is connected to and it will send out a distress signal automatically for them.

Known card holders: Coilin (Father - emptied sky), Ilyana (Aunt - ??), Aine (Mentor - npc), Godfry (Mentor - falling sky), Addie (Family Friend - Abbemere), Anita Dicks (Keirra Owens)
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Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  29 Mar 2016
Total posts:  13
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Last Visited: Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:25 pm
Bristle Crios, Werewolf House; Bandages and Bottles Apothecary, Delivery Girl, Student & Healer; Smash & Grab, Adventure Trainee.
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