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Character Profile: Neuriel Talandren
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Neuriel Talandren
Locksmith, Sword for Hire

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All about Neuriel Talandren
Character Name:  Neuriel Talandren
Race:  Nord
Gender:  Female
Place of Origin:  Windhelm, Tamriel
Can Be Found:  Drinking, carousing, breaking in to places, thieving, and generally annoying patrons.
Profession:  Thief, Sword for Hire
Appearance:  Slender for a Nord, petite for her race, she stands at 5'6". With silver hair and green eyes, she has the pale complexion of most Nords. Dressed in leathers, she's accustomed to cold, and never leaves her broadsword, Vinraser, far from reach. Lock picks, blades, and other weapons of both magical and mundane assortments are secreted about her body.

Neuriel is rather small for her kind, but she makes up for it with a big personality. She has had to prove herself ten fold to the fighting men of her family, and tends to assume she is being ridiculed. (She usually was.) She may be an icy princess of her kind, coming from a Noble House, but she is fiery and hot tempered.
Skills:  Neuriel comes from a long line of dragon hunters and fighting men, and she longs to be accepted for the skilled swordswoman she is. Her many brothers have taught her well, and she has learned just enough magic to be dangerous.

Neuriel is also a highly skilled thief, pick pocket, and has picked up a bit from con men here and there. She has made a decent wage as a merc, and a thief, but prefers more honest work.

Neuriel loves to drink with the best of them, doing rather well for her small stature. She loves men and women alike, and is often found in brothels far and wide, much to the embarrassment of her brothers. She loves fiercely when she does fall, and has an unmatched loyalty to those she deems deserving.
Silver Crowns: 100.00
Auctions: 0 won
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Joined:  15 Apr 2016
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