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Character Profile: Hidden Hoodoo
Portrait Avatar
Chase Vines

Art/Photo Credit:
Danila Kozlovsky


All about Hidden Hoodoo
Character Name:  Chase Vines
Race:  Human Dirt
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:  Backseat of a Caravan
Can Be Found:  ...Today? RhyDin.
Profession:  big brother, factory worker, gypsy, coffee drinker
Appearance:  He had learned a thing or two about work and was a good bluff that could deliver. In a not-too-distant past life he'd had his own crew of friends, his own handful of girls he'd gotten sweet on. Now he was stuck, damn well stuck, in RhyDin with Voodoo. It'd just been the way the cards were dealt. First Voo's little friend had passed away and then a year later, their grandmother. That left it, just the two of them supported in the campsites they dwelled. His sister became a kinda a nut job that he hoped no one would notice. It embarrassed him when people said his sister talked to herself and stared past the point of being polite. Creepy little girl, they said. They said she was like bad magic, weird and awkward. It didn't matter that his family bloodline was full of mystics and respected fortune tellers, his sister was young and just plain weird. Everyone always just called her Voodoo but his sister didn't seem to mind. She might have even liked the name.

Before their grandmother, who had real gypsy magic, died she kept saying he needed to 'take care of her' but what was a teenage kid supposed to know about that?

Now he's in his early twenties and things were coming to a head. Better to leave before you get tossed out. There was one last spot of refuge where things maybe wouldn't go sideways. One final place that Voo could just be like any of the other kids and not get a look... in the oddest city and only gypsy refuge known: RhyDin. It'd be another new start (again), and sometimes it was hard not to quietly hate Voo for that. She couldn't help it, not after everything that happened.

But why did that mean his life kept getting turned over on its head?

Now it's the two of them. He worked third shift at a factory, getting paid under the table and sleeping away most of the day. It was good enough, though. He made enough money to save some and slid her some bills so she could eat and pick up clothes and whatever else she needed. All he ever told her was not to be stupid enough to let a loser knock her up and to stop talking to herself cause 'it was weird and people think you're gonna stab them when you do that.'

He was still preparing himself for having to move again because of her. Soon. That's just how it seemed things were gonna be.
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Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  29 Jun 2016
Total posts:  4
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