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Character Profile: I Love Luci
Portrait Avatar

Art/Photo Credit:
Luke Guldan

Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Art/Photo Credit:
Luke Guldan

All about I Love Luci
Character Name:  Lucifer
Race:  Fallen Archangel (Seraph)
Gender:  Decidedly male.
Place of Origin:  Heaven.
Can Be Found:  Wherever he wants.
Profession:  King of Hell. King of Pride.
Appearance:  "You know, the Fairytales never quite got it right."

King of Hell, perhaps even considered the "Former" King. If you ask him, he'll only say he's taking a vacation. If he answers you at all, that is. But that doesn't mean he won't make a few deals here and there.

Narcissistic to a fault (though he'll tell you differently), he rules the domain of Pride. Vain, an ego for days. Love him or hate him, you're feeding it either way.

A disdain for both humans and demons alike, not quite understanding God's favor to the humans. All the while, he finds hatred in his own creations.

It's uncertain if the face you're looking at is his own or a vessel's, a rather mirthful smirk on his face as you'll receive no answer.

He's seen more than what any could likely imagine, and at a point where care is in very short supply.

"Care? Why would I care? All I see is the same rerun from the century before."

As a show of strength, he is the first and only known being to sit on the Throne of Pride and willingly stand from it to hand it off to someone else. (The Throne has an addictive/obsessive factor to it. The pull to it's owner grows greater with time.)
Skills:  Narcissism
Superb Management Skills

(Fair warning: this character can get obnoxiously arrogant/cocky/prideful sometimes. Even to the point that I find myself frustrated or irritated by him, so if you do... know that you're probably not alone there.
I will admit that he is overpowered, very much so. But! Those playing with him will always be asked consent before he does anything against another character. Nothing will happen to your character without permission, guaranteed. Feel free to IM/PM me.)
Silver Crowns: 610.52
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  11 Jan 2017
Total posts:  32
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Last Visited: Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:58 pm
Pride and arrogance surrounded by sin.
Destiny takes it's hold.
Fight it or let it go.
But I choose how the day will end.
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