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Character Profile: Darkness_Wild
Portrait Avatar
Sabella (she will more than likely give different surnames)
Artist, Falconer


All about Darkness_Wild
Character Name:  Sabella (she will more than likely give different surnames)
Race:  vampire/alien
Gender:  female
Place of Origin:  Drakan
Can Be Found:  Fortress of Darkness which none can see until within the yard. But by then its too late to escape
Profession:  Countess of West River Mire, Empress of Drakan
Appearance:  Petite in stature with a light creamy complexion, Sabella appears to be in her 20's. Long raven waves of silky locks fall down her back to the tops of her calves in thick curls when loose (which is almost never) on any usual day, those strands are styled elegantly on her head in braids, curls or twists. Her violet eyes are bright, calculating, watchful, and sparkle as if hiding a secret. She has vampire fangs and long sharp nails which are usually hidden underneath gloves. When getting ready to fight, she wears tight pants and a corset top, heeled boots and straps that go all the way down both legs holding various daggers and knives. Any other times she is dressed as any traditional courtier would be. Usually in long elegant gowns of Victorian or Edwardian style in silks, velvet, satin or taffeta and sometimes adorned with embroidered corsets. The skirts of these usually hit the floor or drag behind her a couple inches, the fabrics always rich and soft.
Skills:  The youngest daughter of Lilith, she is a vampire/ alien from Drakan a planet flowing with blood like earth is water and needs blood to survive. she was sent to different places and ended up here. she is a strong huntress and is fast on her feet. She exerts super-strength when facing her opponents and can move so fast that she appears as a blur of motion. Her senses are far beyond those of humans, allowing her to tell ones emotional state through their scent, hear things imperceptible to humans, and see clearly in total darkness. She is very athletic, possessing great stamina, relfexes, and agility. Her healing factor grants her great resilience and allows her to heal rapidly from her wounds, though the greater the wound the longer it takes for her to heal from and makes her immune to Earthly illness and toxins, with the exception of garlic. Possibly the oddest thing about her is that for a vampire, she has a heartbeat.

Her bite can turn humans into vampires as well as certain other races. Her stare and lilting voice are hypnotic and seductive, particularly in those easily susceptible or small minded. She is known to have the power of telepathy as she was able to hear the voices of demons. She is immortal. In addition to her supernatural abilities, Sabella is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant. She does not attack people to drink their blood, except occasionally when she herself is attacked or desires to kill or turn someone into a vampire. Be cautious to trust her mannered grace, her lovely features or her soothing voice. For if you fall pray you may never return whole.
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Joined:  10 Nov 2007
Total posts:  2
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