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Character Profile: Clara Wyatt
Portrait Avatar
Clara Estelle Wyatt
Inventor, Pilot

Art/Photo Credit:
Thylane Blondeau (Unknown Photog)

Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Art/Photo Credit:
Thylane Blondeau (Unknown Photog)

All about Clara Wyatt
Character Name:  Clara Estelle Wyatt
Race:  Human Enough
Gender:  Chica
Place of Origin:  Rhydin... eventually
Can Be Found:  Marshton, the Adenna Embassy or Stars End, both well away from where she should be
Profession:  Junior pilot, tinkerer/engineer, and general nuisance
Appearance:  Clara's a tall, sassy beanpole with all of her father's sharp wit and all of her mother's easy charm. Quick with a laugh and plenty good at taking as much teasing as she dishes out, she's made herself the life of every party, a social butterfly the likes of which her parents never counted on. Reaching nearly 5'10" even at seventeen, she's taller than her mother and older sisters but not nearly as tall as her father. Dark haired but light eyed, the silver-blue of her eyes is a light contrast to her shoulder length hair. Though it's naturally a deep brown that is often mistaken for black, most recently, she has gone for a summery look with a golden dirty blonde.

As of September 2017, she has traded in all of her focus rings except for one, the black and gold aetherian steel ring given to her by Eolai Sealgaire. Beyond that, the same thrum of magical potential instead rests in a bronze cuff around her left wrist. The cuff itself seems permanently fixed to her by way of two titanium screws on the inside of her wrist, anchoring it to the bone and metal plating within her wrist and hand.
Skills:  Mechanically and magically inclined, the two make for some rather interesting combinations. Though she struggles with abstract thinking, she's remarkably astute when it comes to robotics and engineering. If it can be taken apart, she'll take it apart just to see how it works before putting it back together again. If it's got coding of some sort, she can probably tear it down and reconstruct that too. A halfway talented healer, the rest of her magical abilities are still pretty raw and unhoned, which can cause a host of problems when using them. Other than that, she's an okay cook, a decent piano player, and an apt surfer. There are a few things she's still figuring out, give her time.
Silver Crowns: 645.46
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  20 Apr 2017
Total posts:  52
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