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Character Profile: Butcher Ben
Portrait Avatar
Ben O'Connor

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Copyright held by mun


All about Butcher Ben
Character Name:  Ben O'Connor
Race:  Mostly human; 1/16th Orc on his mother's side
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin (alternate Earth)
Can Be Found:  The docks, the marketplace, or the Red Dragon Inn
Profession:  Butcher by day, boxer by night, and something else that he isn't about to disclose to just anyone.
Appearance:  Age: 31
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 182 lbs.
Reach: 76"
Total Fights: 44
Wins: 41
Wins by KO: 39
Losses: 2
Draw: 1
Stance: Switch-hitter
Style: Varies depending on size of the opponent. Generally a boxer-puncher, but knows how to swarm, slug, and out-box whenever it's appropriate.

My hair is brown, but I have a salt-and-peppered black beard. My shrink thinks I have a thyroid disorder because my eyes are open really wide all the time, but screw him: I only see him because of a court order anyway, it's not like I actually respect the egghead.

Some describe me as really lean and wolfy. Technically, I'm a really light cruiserweight, but I don't seem to have any trouble competing in my weight class.

You're probably wondering why my nose and ears ain't deformed from all of the years of pugilism. It's cause I actually know how to block, dumbass.

[ATTIRE: More often than not, Ben is wearing a black motorcycle jacket, leather driving gloves, blue jeans, brown cowboy boots, and a grey hat. A photo reflecting this fashion will be up soon.

When he is working, or giving out free samples, he can be found in a bloodied up white smock. Sometimes he wears this for "other" jobs as well, strictly with the intention of intimidating others.]
Skills:  My pop taught me to cut up beasties really good. I like it: I find the blood to be therapeutic. It calms me down, levels me out. You want the meats? I got the meats. Gimme a call.

I'm a damn fine scrapper too. I think all the years of dicin' up beasties has given me a pretty good sense of organ placement. I can pretty much call out a right-cross to the liver and land it every time. I'm considered a gatekeeper in the region. Maybe someday I'll get enough publicity to be a contender. I finally got my dumb boxing coach to drop that stupid, "Five Finger Donkey-Punch," song from my entrances; switched it to a, "Violent Femmes" number. He still fights me on it, but I think it's truer to my style [www links to it; explicit lyrics]

Needless to say, I got me some damn fine knife skills too. I studied Eskrima growing up, so that certainly helped.

[NOTE: Ben "used to be" the number one enforcer for a violent gang called, "The Blue Blooded Brewers." Their two rivals were an elven crime family, and a large group of undead mobsters. While he is by no means a racist, he naturally gets skittish and paranoid when in the presence of elves or undead that he doesn't know.]
Silver Crowns: 375.86
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  06 May 2017
Total posts:  4
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