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Character Profile: Jack Sheppard
Portrait Avatar
Jameson Samuel Sheppard (Goes by Jack)

Art/Photo Credit:
Image Credit: Jacey Elthalion


Art/Photo Credit:
Image Credit: Jacey Elthalion

All about Jack Sheppard
Character Name:  Jameson Samuel Sheppard (Goes by Jack)
Race:  Appears Human, but looks are often deceiving
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:   
Can Be Found:  Rarely
Profession:  Security Consultant and more
Appearance:  At a distance there is little to make this man stand out. He's of an average height, being a little over 6' with a whipcord build, that is lean and usually relaxed. He keeps his sandy brown hair in a manner that most would think as clean cut. When it comes to style he generally wears comfortable clothing such as jeans and loose fitted shirts. When he does look to make an impression, he goes for classic look with splashes of color and interesting patterns that appeals to him. His one outstanding feature? Jack has pale, ethereal steely blue eyes, that often seem to glow with piercing intensity that some might find a touch unsettling.
Skills:  Contracted Security for Shadowdown. He rarely speaks about what he does for obvious reasons. Usually he just says he works in security and that's it.

He doesn't share much about his past aside from one interesting tale about being related to a famous rogue from history, "Gentleman Jack", a featured thief from the early 1800's. An escape artist and clever burgler of the time, whose innate talents may have been past down to descendants of the blood.

As for family he does have one, and also some scattered across the map. His last name does have a unique spelling, so tracking down others of the blood is not at all difficult.
Silver Crowns: 198.48
Auctions: 0 won
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Joined:  31 Oct 2017
Total posts:  2
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