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Character Profile: Junkrat
Portrait Avatar
Jamison Fawkes
Silversmith, Blacksmith

Art/Photo Credit:
My BF RagingPigpen on Tumblr

All about Junkrat
Character Name:  Jamison Fawkes
Race:  Human
Gender:  Trans Male
Place of Origin:  Australia
Can Be Found:  Junkertown, Australia
Profession:  Anarchist, Thief, Demolitionist, Mercenary, Scavenger
Appearance:  Name: Junkrat
Sexual Orientation: Panromantic, Asexual
Status: N/A
Age: 25
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 150 lbs

Jamison Fawkes is a twenty five year old Australian male who was originally born as a woman and bares marks on his chest to express the transition he had over the years. He has darkened skin along the upper half of his body, mainly from the dirt an soot that he deals with daily. Small sunspots can be spotted along his torso and a few on his face which were formed due to over amounts of sun and radiation from his days home.

Jamie also has multiple freckles along his shoulders, back and face though most were always hidden away from sight unless he managed to clean up and show his face.

The young male has bright yellow blond hair that fades off to a charcoal colour due to playing with explosives and fire itself, patches of his hair was missing as well due to the mix of explosives and radiation as well.

He fashions something that would appear in a apocalyptic era, having parts he made by scraps and clothing that was worn an torn from all the damage it received constantly.

Besides Junkrat's iconic smile that reached from ear to ear, he also has two parts that stick out the most. Two prosthetic limbs which were both on his right side. A metal arm from the elbow down and a peg leg he wore just above the knee, both made by himself.

Information: There are some slight differences in my personal version of Junkrat, one being the fact that he is indeed going by the fact of being a FTM Transgender Junker! Nothing about his personality has really changed at all due to this factor besides some self doubt on his overall look and actions. Like any transgender he has to take his dose of hormones every so often which messes with how his emotions work so he might become a bit off character with questioning his worth or if he should even bother anymore with certain things. At times he might ask Roadhog if he is good enough to do what he does on a daily bases, or silly things like asking if his hair makes him seem unprofessional. Self image is a big factor for Jamison at times and he can not help it at all, he tries very hard to fight it and act as if nothing is wrong but sometimes depression of his past in Australia to the present day gets to him and he has to be reassured it’s all okay.

Like we would assume the canon Junkrat to be twitchy and constantly untrusting of the world and omnics which all in all would be anything robotic that moves on it's own, this junker is just as bad but with a twist on his backstory due to the fact he had his transition at a young age and in a place like Australia where it was all going down hill quickly. When Jamison was younger he was originally born female which was a bad thing to be in a place like Junkertown where they will take advantage in many ways if they see a female, assuming they were easy prey to get what they want or to steal from them. Being in a time and place like he was it caused his desire to be male even stronger, wanting to be seen as an equal or threat to others was a goal, and once he had started his transition and started to be seen as male things started to go down hill thanks to all the radiation in the country. Warping his mind to become extremely crazy at times and explosive with things, going on path with the canon Junkrat via being an crazed demolitionist.

[All extra information can be found on my Tumblr, involving headcanons to information on what he can do.]

Special Info:

Character Weapons:

Want to know about me?:
Skills:  A professional demolitionist
A mechanic
An expert at making explosive devices such as his Rip-Tire, Frags and Traps.
Silver Crowns: 75.00
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  06 Nov 2017
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Interests: Role Playing, Art, Singing an Voice Acting
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"It's a perfect day for some mayhem!" - Junkrat
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