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Character Profile: Panther
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Tavern Keep, Red Dragon Inn

Art/Photo Credit:
Stan Winston - Realm of the Claw

RDI Admin
RDI Admin

Art/Photo Credit:
DC Comics

All about Panther
Character Name:  Panther
Race:  human? feline?
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:  unknown
Can Be Found:  RhyDin
Profession:  Proprietor of the Red Dragon Inn. Sometimes Hunter.
Appearance:  Usually found in his 'were-panther' form, he is a bi-pedal feline. His lower body is feline, including the tail. He walks about more on the toes of his feet, and as such seems a bit taller than normal in this form.

His upper body is more human, his arms, his hands, but he does have the ability to extend razor sharp claws from the tips of his fingers (and his toes as well).

He has some of the long black hair of his human form, but his facial features take on a definite feline nature, the eyes, the ears, the nose, even the whiskers. His body is covered in the fine, black fur like in full panther form, and as such he rarely wears more than a pair of leggings a light shirt while in this form, or sometimes a kilt. In both human and panther form he is often seen carrying a pouch made of dark leather that slings over his shoulder and rests at his right hip. He carries a few essentials in this pouch.
Skills:  hunter, fighter, some knowledge of healing herbs, cooking, tending bar.
Silver Crowns: 104577.44
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  04 Mar 2005
Total posts:  2171
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"Even the maggot can serve a purpose in the right circumstance... "
Panther - Overseer of the madhouse that is the Red Dragon Inn.
Tales of the Cat
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