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Character Profile: John Merichak
Portrait Avatar
MSGT John "Riven" Merichak


All about John Merichak
Character Name:  MSGT John "Riven" Merichak
Race:  Human
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:  Gallus Prime
Can Be Found:  USM Victory-Class Warship "The Andoran"
Profession:  Commanding Officer 105th Mechanized Heavy Combat Unit, Company D. "Marauders"
Appearance:  Age: 57
Height: 6'4"
Muscular, strong build
Hair: Brown/Greying
Eyes: Blue

A 41 year veteran of the USM, Merichak is a man forged and driven by combat. At 16 years old, Young John Merichak falsified his records and enlisted as a legal adult. Following basic training, stationed with the 132nd Airborne Assault Division during the final years of the Valarian War.

Recieved commendations for actions in the Reclamation of Tektus including Medal of Valor as well as the Red Shard medal for wounds sustained in the line of duty. It is in recovery where he meets Lt. Marie De Salvo, a pilot also wounded in action. The two become close.

When the War ended, at age 21, Merichak signed up with the experimental Mechanized Heavy Combat Unit. He is placed under the command of Sargent Major Syrio Tomas of Delta Company. Within two years, Merichak proves himself invaluable and becomes Tomas' second in command.

9 years of distinguished service brought Delta Company to Ilgo, a war-torn moon in the Belagos system. Tomas is killed in action and Merichak is forced to assume command. Every other man in his company would live that day, a testament to his abilities as a commander. They attacked the enemy, raiding their supplies and hijacking a dropship to get off-world, earning them the nickname "The Marauders".

Age 30, Merichak marries then-LT. Commander Marie De Salvo.

Age 35, Merichak achieves the rank of Master Sargent. It is the last promotion he accepts, in order to remain on the battle field with his team.

Age 37, his son Derrick is born.
Skills:  John, or "Riven" as some called him, is a warrior, forged in the fires of combat from a young age. It is all he's ever known, and the USM is his home. He is a gifted tactician, a strong leader, and fierce combatant.
Silver Crowns: 175.00
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Joined:  16 Jan 2018
Total posts:  1
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