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Character Profile: GhostOfSnow
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Einar Snow

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Bill Skarsgård


All about GhostOfSnow
Character Name:  Einar Snow
Race:  Dragon
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:  Scandinavia 8th century
Can Be Found:  Wherever trouble leads him
Profession:  Courier for Hermes Delivery Service
Appearance:  A rather lanky sort of figure standing at 6'4 with a short mop of jet black hair and dark green eyes. Youthful in demeanor and appearance with a somewhat pale complexion. His age appears to range from his late teens to early twenties. Looks are quite deceiving. Einar is never one to be dressed in the usual trendy fashions but the usual t-shirts, jeans and sneakers or somber black attire that wouldn't look out of place on an under taker.
Skills:  Where many have their lives rooted in tragedy Einar's is a comedy of errors. Somewhat. Einar started out his life as a fearsome black dragon and did what dragons did best. That is hoarding and guarding treasure in a cave within what is now known as Scandinavia (Sweden to exact.) Einar's main goal was to guard an ancient magical relic that would bestow unlimited power to those who acquired it. The beast stayed in his cave for centuries until a teenage witch with a mission happened upon the dragon's cave which resulted in the girl taking the relic after outsmarting the beast. To add insult to proverbial and literal injury the young witch cast a powerful spell transforming the dragon into a human like state. Einar is currently trapped in this form with some abilities although they are limited. He has still retained his immortality and still has the ability to summon fire on a rare occasion. Einar has decided to start his life anew in a strange land known as Rhydin. Running from a past that seems to be gaining on him. Dragons tend to make quite a few enemies.
Silver Crowns: 965.00
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  02 Feb 2018
Total posts:  3
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