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Character Profile: Icel Clearwater
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Icel Clearwater
Midwife, Chef

All about Icel Clearwater
Character Name:  Icel Clearwater
Race:  Human, as far as she knows
Gender:  Female
Place of Origin:  a village a world away from Rhy'Din
Can Be Found:  Rhy'Din
Profession:  Midwife
Appearance:  Icel is approaching twenty although she looks a bit older; her life hasn't been easy.

She is a sturdy woman who stands about shoulder-height to the average man, all hard muscle and curves stretched across an average frame. She has brown hair she keeps pulled back from her face by coiling a braid around the crown of her head, and green eyes the same color as the lakes near her home, from which she takes her name. Her face is pretty to look at; heart shaped and well-defined, despite being tanned and roughened from weather exposure.

She usually wears very simple dresses in shades of green or brown, and keeps her sleeves tied back at the elbow with bits of string and strips of ribbon. The whole ensemble is usually covered by an apron in various states of cleanliness, although her face and arms are always as clean as she can possibly get them.

She keeps packets of herbs and spare bits of string and metal and other useful tools in the pockets of her apron or tucked into her sleeves. Her only concession to vanity is a simple bronze ring she wears on a string around her neck--the lone setting is empty.
Skills:  Icel was a foundling child in a very small village; she's tried to earn her keep since she was very small. When she was young she was apprenticed to a cook at the local inn; she abandoned this post when her apprenticeship was almost over to marry a journeyman blacksmith and follow him on a quest for his mastery.

A year later she was on her own in a completely different village, where she eventually settled into a role familiar to widowed women in her culture: the local wisewoman. She learned bits and pieces of gardening, herblore and healing from anyone who would teach her before settling into the role of midwife. A mild touch of empathy makes this job much easier than many others, although it does take its toll.

After her new village was destroyed by raiders, Icel is left to wander in search of a new home. Will she find it in Rhy'din, or will she carry on as a shadow of her past self?
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