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Character Profile: I_Am
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All about I_Am
Character Name:  Seraph
Gender:  Male body style
Place of Origin:  Unknown
Can Be Found:  Suburbia, Texas (not kidding)
Profession:  Unknown
Appearance:  A horrible robot stands before you, or at least he looks like a robot... In reality he is a very technologically advanced bio-android, and in the shape he looks, he seems a very sad and old sight. In his synthed Metal/crystal head, whose composition has yet to be identified, two electrified black orbs glow with a soft dark purple light and move around, appearing to be magical eyes. He is around 7 foot tall and weighs more than 500 lbs. His body appears to be made of some sort of meteoric black metal that absorbs light, as well as a purple crystal that seems in near-perfect shape despite his obvious wear. A weapon is strapped to his back, a giant black sword. A sword that appears to be some mutated purple blade-arm seemingly ripped off of a creature hangs at his side, and a shield of the same composition, though matte black and shaped like a claw, stands from his left arm, looking like it belonged to quite a large creature. However, in his hand is a razor-sharp, jet black(like his body) scythe, glowing a soft purple with what seems like a ball of dense purple void bouncing around the blade when he swings it. Along with all this, he holds a pair of purple metal daggers like tonfa, though they are across the back of his waist. All of these weapons show up to be drawn as he needs them and disappear after he sheathes them. He also has a long decayed cloak around him, nearly cut to shreds, and black. His legs provide excellent control of his hulking upper body, and he moves with the intensity of a juggernaut.
Skills:  Shield generator for ranged attacks, can deflect energy unless it is arcane.
Silver Crowns: 100.00
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  16 Mar 2008
Total posts:  0
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Occupation:  Pusher
Interests: interesting things/people
Last Visited: Mon May 12, 2008 8:40 am
Signature:  Holy? I haven't been that good in a long time... Maybe I've lost the knowledge.
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