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Character Profile: Hera Fyre
Portrait Avatar
Hera Fyre
Naur Hin

Art/Photo Credit:
Original :Lyndsy Fonseca: Edit and crop by Artista K

Old Wyrm
Old Wyrm

Art/Photo Credit:
Alfirin and Meneluin: Artista K

All about Hera Fyre
Character Name:  Hera Fyre
Race:  Half-Elf
Gender:  female
Place of Origin:  The Shores of Haloisi
Can Be Found:  Rhydin,Edhel Ndor
Profession:  Warrior,Assassin, Mercenary
Appearance:  At 5' 10'' she's not a woman to be taken lightly. Her long chestnut hair falls long past her shoulders when she allows it to be down. Bright cyan toned eyes with under tones of green look out from a slightly tan, but not too sun kissed face.

On the right side of her fair face just under her right eye there is a tribal tattoo, done in red and black ink. It is a tribal sign for fire. This tattoo flares to life now and again.

She has full deep colored lips that can curl in to the slightest of smirks and grins. Her wit is as sharp as her sword. She wears the grab of a warrior well fitted clothing, some times skin tight black leather, if she's working. Tall black boots are her usual foot wear, but she has been known to go in sandals before, ones that lace about her ankles. And she does go barefoot when able.

She's also been known to wear armor when needed.

Other Tattoos: She has a tattoo on her lower back, the mark of The Haloisi Akh'Velahr . It is a black inked tattoo of an ornate Elven dagger.

Hera carries an array of weapons, but not all at once. The weapons in her possession are: A pair of long scimitars, of Elven make. One has a golden hilt and a dark toned blade: She calls it Alfirin. And the other has a silver toned hilt and a blue toned blade: She calls it:Meneluin. When she carries them they are across her back in an X. She owns many throwing blades, from knives to daggers. She carries at least four on her at all times, they can arrange in style and size. She holds them along her belt at her left hip.

She owns a finely crafted Elven long bow: It is called Morthond: crafted from the darkest of Elven woods, and enchanted. Her arrows are simple, silver or iron tipped on a long shaft of hardy wood, some are fletched with goose or duck feathers others she leaves un fletched.
Skills:  As an assassin of The Haloisi Akh'Velahr she was trained in long and short sword combat, hand to hand combat as well as marksmen skills with both bow and arrow as well as throwing blades.

She also skilled in foot combat, she once killed a man using just her feet. She knows how to use those feet as gags.

She knows how to flirt her way out of trouble, it also can get her in trouble. She has a sweet innocent looking face, yet a sharp rapier wit.

Magic skills: Powers over fire. That tattoo and her eyes will tell you that.Hera knows some Elven magic's as well. She was born a child of fire. Her tattoo on her face is a clear sign to all from Haloisi of who she is. Any whom have ever met her would recall her simply by that tattoo.

She does hide that tattoo from time to time under those chestnut lockes.

She can call fire to her hand, to her aide. She can walk through most blazes with out a burn to show for it. Her body temp is a little warmer than most other elves. She can burn with a touch if she sees fit.

She speaks both Elven, common and also knows some of the tongue of the dark elves.

She's seen her fare share of blood shed, she's also caused a lot of it herself. She is a free lancer theses days, far from the shores of Haloisi. She lends aid to those who need it.

Known Allies: The Kingdoms Edhel Ndor, Crendia, and Sim'Tahl. The Warriors and Priestess's of Scathach.The Scathachian Sanctuary. The Rhydin Watch.
Silver Crowns: 17573.04
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Joined:  07 Apr 2008
Total posts:  405
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Signature:  We soldier on
Through hell's high water
This war's a losing fight
The past is gone
The future further
Retreating out of sight
And after the fire has died
Will the light still remain in your eyes?
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