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Character Profile: Ialys Elanesse
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Ialys Vervain Elanesse


All about Ialys Elanesse
Character Name:  Ialys Vervain Elanesse
Race:  Trueblood
Gender:  Female
Place of Origin:  The Realm
Can Be Found:  In Transit
Profession:  Ward of Lord Olwe Elanesse
Appearance:  A flawless face of youth and innocence set to the tone of ivory-peach flesh, Ialys has not yet reached a full century in age and it is reflected in her angelic elven features. Inquisitive eyes of topaz hue were surrounded with thick lashes that accentuated the pastel tone they bordered. Delicate pointed ears rose through straightened tresses of milky white and were pierced at their base to support ornate jewelry of precious gemstones from across many regions. The Trueblood held herself with great pride and wore garments that had been expertly tailored to compliment her own complexion, build, and personality. Most often fine silks were mixed with more breathable materials in the spring and were draped over her lithe frame in artful tiers. Lord Elanesse prefered for his ward to always be dressed in shades of blue and white. Ialys was more than happy to comply with his wishes.
Skills:  The pinnacle of a perfect ward, Ialys is an eager scholar, a budding socialite, and a fairly adept musician. Private concerts on stringed instruments were the cornstone of the Elanesse parties in their lavish palace atop Dragon's Tooth Hill. It was forbidden for the ward to leave her chambers or the Lord's estate without an escort. As such, what knowledge Ialys has of the outside world comes from her studies with a private tutor, Nelfar Mesnuwal, and the books she was permitted to buy on the rare occasions spent shopping in Bordertown. As for her heritage, it was believed to be of a Trueblood line. It should be noted, however, that Ialys also displays certain fae features and might have a twist of Sidhe blood running through her veins.
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