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Character Profile: Ammy Spiritor
Portrait Avatar
Ammy Spiritor
Just An Alchemist
Alchemist, Apothecary

Art/Photo Credit:
Lupinoss Studios : Sean Walley

Great Wyrm
Great Wyrm

Art/Photo Credit:
Lupinoss Studios Art by Sean Walley

All about Ammy Spiritor
Character Name:  Ammy Spiritor
Race:  Suultii Lupinossai
Gender:  Female
Place of Origin:  Lupinoss Realm: Planet Sliinkaa - Humara Continent
Can Be Found:  Alchemist's Fire Complex and around Rhy'Din
Profession:  Many, Owner of Alchemist's Fire Complex
Appearance:  Age: 36 but youth may vary day to day.
Height: 5' 7"
Hair: Glowing Crimson Red, knee length, highlighted with white and gold.
Fur: White that glows softly and shimmers.
Weight: 90-130 Lbs (varies with magic use)
Eyes: Golden eyes that sparkle like sunlight on water.

She has a few crimson markings upon her fur. A mark upon each temple, over her the center of her chest, upon the backs of both hands and upon her back.

~Often worn Items~
Gold Teleport Ring
Pure Emerald Ring - Emergency Summons
Platinum Ring with Rubies
Platinum Ring with Emeralds
Electrum Ring with Yellow Diamond

Gold Heart Shaped Locket - Shield Spell
Amethyst Pendant - Teen/Child spell

Lipstick Case
Leather satchel - Bag of Holding Enchanted
Cell Phone
Personal EyeCom in White
Tracking Bead in Left Shoulder - 10 Mile Radius

Quick notes:
Bond Relations with:
Fleet Wolf: 11/13/2008
Mirius Spiritor: 07/01/2011
Leroy J. Reindeer: 05/02/2014

Mother of six children:
Myrlene Spiritor 1/8/2009 Rhy'Din
Merlin Jr. Spiritor 7/3/2012 Rhy'Din
Gwynevere Spiritor 7/3/2012 Rhy'Din
Ruby Spiritor 12/25/2014 Rhy'Din
Jake Reindeer 12/25/2014 Rhy'Din
Mabel Reindeer 12/25/2014 Rhy'Din
Alexander B. Spiritor 04/06/2010 Rhy'Din (Adopted)

Grandmother of two children:
Calcifer Spiritor 2/04/2011 Ryh'Din
Unity Spiritor 5/05/2014 (Lurky)

Sibling out of a set of human twins:
Blood Brother: Mako Phoenix

Adopted Sister to Icer Shimmerscale
Little Sister to Andu Kirost

Owns several vehicles.
Has one solar familiar.

She has a long past and history.
Winner of the 2016 Gubernatorial Cage Match 10-8-2016
Skills:  A wide selection.

((I don't bite and I love to interact with everyone.))
Silver Crowns: 19285.38
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  08 Jun 2008
Total posts:  1225
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Last Visited: Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:26 am
Signature:  ~Ambassador of Ursa Major Realms~
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