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Character Profile: Beautiful_Nightmare
Portrait Avatar
Aislin/ Amara
Blacksmith, Inventor


All about Beautiful_Nightmare
Character Name:  Aislin/ Amara
Race:  take a wild guess
Gender:  all curves point towards woman
Place of Origin:  her mind
Can Be Found:  Your Dreams
Profession:  blacksmith
Appearance:  Her coppery, brown hair is full and wavy ending just between shoulders and midback. In certain lights it looks more brown, almost black and in the sun it takes on a reddish copper. She almost always has it styled in a seductive manner around her face and shoulders. One ear that is a little pointy is ussually vissable with a black onyx earring dangling from the lobe. Her brows are the same color as her wavy locks and arched over her dazzling eyes in a way that draws attention to the emerald green hypnotic orbs framed with dangerously long thick lashes. Her lips are full and inviting; when she smiles they are even more so as her teeth are white and straight though sporting the hint of fangs while her smiles are always warm and full of vibrancy. She is a woman of tempting curves and sensual movements at her 6' 1/2" height and 125 weight. Her skin is smooth and naturally tanned golden, creamy and always feather soft to the touch. Upon her back is a mark of a strange bleeding flower on a nightmarish vine that winds up her spine almost looking as if it dips in and out of the skin to completely encompass the cord. Beware if it pulses or shimmers or turns another color. Her clothing changes but most of the time she wears black garments that show off her lythe body yet leaves just enough for the imagination to finish the image she presents. She now sports either a wide black leather choker or black scarf about her neck.
Skills:  Her voice is naturally smooth and honeyed, her looks and sensual grace tempts ones mind and body yet she isn't aware of the thoughts and temptations of others. she is generally friendly and full of life and energy. As for her talents, she has many and is brilliant at most everything she does though she never brags. Her weapons of choice are the Aara, the shuriken, and reinforced chakrams. She has the ability to enter people's dreams or pull their dreams, fantasies or nightmares into reality though she doesn't like to do so outside of dire needs.
Silver Crowns: 2843.98
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  20 Oct 2008
Total posts:  2
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