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Character Profile: Valucia Sabet
Portrait Avatar
Valucia Sabet
The Aes Sedai
Priestess, Scribe

Art/Photo Credit:
(Image: Bridget Regan)

Adult Wyrm
Adult Wyrm

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Some of the calmest surface waters have the strongest undercurrents..

All about Valucia Sabet
Character Name:  Valucia Sabet
Race:  Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
Gender:  Female
Place of Origin:  Alkindar in Altara (In the south-central part of the Westlands on the coast of the Sea of Storms, in the nation of Eharon)
Can Be Found:  Bulwark's Cove (North-East RhyDin) has been purchased for herself and those of the White Tower.
Profession:  Aes Sedai of Tar Valon, Member of the Blue Ajah
Appearance:  Like those statues found in the grand graveyards, her beauty draws the eye. A visage likened to rich, pale marble seems to have rarely known the touch of a sun's rays upon it though it there is a healthiness to it. Age has not touched her, leaving her to have the appearance of a young woman in her mid-to-late twenties, though she is much older. She might seem a little taller at times, but she is only 5'6" and a slender 128 pounds.

Onyx hair without any grey or silver in it is as long as her trim waist. It is sometimes worn drawn back with a meticulous neatness that is followed through with on the rest of her appearance. But worn loose about her shoulders these days, still yet with a certain neatness.

Haunting, black-pearl eyes are enthralling, varying between a welcoming calm to an unreadable cast.

The color blue is obviously favored by her and seen worn in some portion of her clothing, almost always. Men's clothing is never worn by her. Dresses are well-made and vary from simple and sturdy to elaborate and rich. Outside of Tar Valon, if she is in a dress of all white, it means she is in mourning. Sometimes she is seen wearing a functional chatelaine with several items dangling from the thick, silver clasp at her belt: slender vial of perfume, keys, mirror, and small herb flask. The sound of the utilitarian piece is like keys clattering quietly against one another. From that same belt is a leather draw-purse, used to hold coins. No matter what color garment she is wearing, she is never lacking even a small hint of blue somewhere visible. She never wears red.

On the ring finger of her left hand is a ring of a snake eating its own tail. Very little jewlery is worn beyond the Great Serpent ring, earrings, and chatelaine. A kesiera is worn on rare occasions, usually to balls and other large, fanciful galas.

Her demeanor is calm and watchful of things and others when there is interest found. A lot has been seen over the years but not every emotion is worn so readily and publicly. Acquaintances will be made. Friends will be found that can be trusted. But few will ever know all that she is behind proverbial walls.

Her current Warder , Raytheon Dunhorm, is often away from her side by dictate of the Tower.

The Aes Sedai quietly considers seeking a second Warder, but knows such a serious endeavor. take time to fin the right one. And there are few worth considering. As well - it's highly unusual for one of the Blue Ajah to take two Warders at once.

Though far from the White Tower, she is still within reach of it.
Skills:  If you want to RP or write, just let me know. I don't bite! :). Reading, writing, lurking. Just tap me.

NOTE: This character is currently traveling IC and won't be seen publicly for about a week or so.)
Silver Crowns: 1313.90
Auctions: 1 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  13 Nov 2008
Total posts:  168
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Occupation:  Westland country of Altara:
Last Visited: Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:52 pm
Signature:  Valucia Sabet
Aes Sedai
Blue Ajah
Tia mi aven moridin isainde vadin
(The grave is no bar to my call)
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