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Character Profile: Izora de Chiegny
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Izora Myralinne de Chiegny
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All about Izora de Chiegny
Character Name:  Izora Myralinne de Chiegny
Race:  Half-elf.
Gender:  Female
Place of Origin:  The southern forests of Servryn. Ebn Kharar, de Chiegny County, The Kingdom of Anberas.
Can Be Found:  The Servryn Embassy, Rhy'din
Appearance:  "Knight? You're barely a squire, half-breed. You'll never make knight, de Chiegny. You'll be a disgrace to your father's name."

Despite this ignominous introduction to the Academy in Servryn, Izora managed to scrape her way through the ranks. There were always one or two who managed to take pity on her, to see past the pointed ears and too-wide eyes, brilliant green, the legacy her unknown mother left her. No one knew what had possessed Azarn de Chiegny to pursue an elf, much less bring the offspring back to the civilized world.

And yet, Izora prospered.

At 5'8, one might say she took more after her human father. Her skin is like coffee with a good deal of milk, her hair is a rich mahogany brown and curled. Her ears are pointed delicately, and her almond-shaped eyes are a rather vivid green in a heart-shaped, sweet face. She does not prefer her armor, preferring to run about in a long tunic and breeches in varying colors, with a comfortable pair of battered-looking brown boots.

Rarely, she can be found in the armor. Truth be told, there are two pair: one, the decorative plate embossed with branches, leaves, and flowers, almost entirely enameled in white, and the more practical and protective silvered steel. When necessary, she carries a pair of blades, one long, one short, in a sort of longsword and main gauche combination.
Skills:  She possesses the skills of a White Knight; knowledge of the magicks of Elemental, Life, and Psi. Thanks to her mother's heritage, she has a talent with Nature magick, though that is entirely uncontrolled. Izora is more than passable at sword play, thanks to the pity of Warmaster Andrian de Veris.
Silver Crowns: 3766.66
Auctions: 0 won
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Joined:  22 Dec 2008
Total posts:  10
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