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Character Profile: XThornx
Portrait Avatar
No set name, he is content to go by whatever folks want to call him. In the past he has been called Thorn, Tor, Torstein, Cern, Bramble and Scratch.

Art/Photo Credit:
Drawn by me, myself and I back in 2005. Name supplied on request.

All about XThornx
Character Name:  No set name, he is content to go by whatever folks want to call him. In the past he has been called Thorn, Tor, Torstein, Cern, Bramble and Scratch.
Race:  Wood-strider (species of my own invention)
Gender:  Male....the antlers would indicate as much, no?
Place of Origin:   
Can Be Found:  These days he largely sticks to woodlands with the occasional foray into a town.
Profession:  Blade for hire, retired pit fighter, mobile hatrack, future throw rug? Feed him enough booze and he will make an excellent doorstop, too.
Appearance:  I have played this role since 2002 (AOL Rhydin old timer here!) and know this character as well as I know myself. So you just sit yourself down and let me learn you up, mmkay? Might want to get yourself a drink first since this is going to be one long-winded clusterfuck. I've nothing else to do but write at the moment, so here we go.


Thorn is a wood-strider, albeit a rather poor example of the species. Wood-striders are descended from the old pagan forest gods who had a penchant for taking the form of a large stag. Wood-striders have a genetic kinship with wood elves as well, which means Wood-striders are probably the end result of a forest god getting too friendly with wood elf maidens.

The species was never high in numbers and had a shy nature, keeping to their clans in the deep pockets of mountainous forests. In any woodland you were far more likely to see a unicorn than a wood-strider, and now you won't see one at all...unless it's this guy. Time, raiding orcs and a low birth rate has snowballed the wood-striders into extinction, because life sucks like that sometimes. Only the wood elves ever knew of their existence, and even now only the oldest elves might remember them.

Thorn has been called a 'man stag' which just about hits the nail on the head. He stands upright on digitigrade legs that end in goatlike cloven hooves while his upper body is structured like that of a lanky elf or human. He has five fingered hands, as all of his race does (or did, dun dun dun) and his torso is not so unlike a man.

His head is very much like a buck, complete with large ever-moving ears and a muzzle that ends in a disarmingly velvety nose. There's a human (or elfin, considering the species' roots) quality to his head and face; he doesn't just straight up look like a dumb beast. He is quite emotive with facial expressions, as you'll see with future sketches.

He's about 5'9 to 6'...the antlers apparently do not count for height, much to his indignation. Maybe 190 lbs at most.

No claws, no fangs. His eyes are a dark amber-gold which is a very common color for his species.

A pelt of gray coats him from ears to hoof - the color is similar to that of a mourning dove, save for where it darkens into charcoal on his ears, near his hooves and on the fringes of his mane. He gets a little 'fluffier' in the winter months and regains a short smooth pelt in spring. A wood-strider's pelt is coarse in some places, less coarse in others, and very soft in places that shall be left tastefully unmentioned.

Speaking of which: the ruff of long hair that runs from between his antlers to the middle of his back is much more similar to a horse's mane than human hair. It grows in a continuous line that ends between the shoulder blades. Sometimes there's a thin braid in there, sometimes not, and almost always a burr or a dead leaf. Fetching hair styles are not really in his repertoire.

He has antlers, of course. It's not an impressive rack and broken tines are the norm. He hasn't much use for them at all. When he was doing pit matches he carved a little nock into an antler whenever he won a match, but that's about as far as their usefulness has gone.

Every five years he loses his antlers and grows a new set over several months.

*At the moment he is missing a large chunk of his right antler. Said antler chunk is firmly imbedded in the arse cheek of a dead orc some miles away. Long story, don't ask.*

Scars....this fellow has a LOT of scars. He is a retired pitfighter (the Rune pits back in Rhydin, to be exact) and has the marks to prove it. I am not talking about the dime-a-dozen 'tough guy battle scar' type either. I am talking about 'holy shit get this guy a plastic surgeon stat' type of scarring.

His torso, arms and legs are a roadmap of old blade gashes, lashes, little stabby pockmarks and even an arrow pockmark or two...or three. Dull pink skin shows with many of them, and on close inspection one can even see neat lines of wee needle marks where he self-sutured some of his wounds. Healed burn scars lend his left arm a patchwork look clear from wrist to shoulder, and there are painful looking welts on the right side of his ribcage from severe rope burn. His right thigh looks like a bear has been at it, although it was less a bear and more of a slap-happy pit opponent with a machete.

There's a years-old human bite mark in the crook of his neck and shoulder on one side too, but I won't dignify that one with an explanation. (Thanks, Bri.)

Then there's the axe scar. It's some twenty years old and served as the butt (hurhur) of tasteless jokes among his few friends for most of those years in Rhydin. The scar is a deep notch cut into his left hip that extends clear into his arse cheek on the same side. That scar came courtesy of a very angry dwarf in a pit match long ago.

PS: your character isn't going to see that scar because it's under his clothing and he isn't one for streaking in public. So mentioning that axe scar was completely pointless...fuck, I'm rambling.

Funny story though: he and the dwarf finally ended the match voluntarily once both were bloody and exhausted. They left the pit to the disappointed booing of the wagering spectators - Thorn limping badly and the dwarf looking like he fought a crazed lawnmower - patched themselves up, and then got drunk off their asses together at a tavern. Good friends ever since. The best friendships always start with an axe to the arse, do they not?



(Hey Ombi-the-dwarf mun, I hope to find you again some day. Thorn and your 'rabid lawn gnome' were a riot together and I miss their interactions!)

So back to those scars. One ear is partially gone, sporting a lovely chewed look. But his face has the worst of it. See, Thorn might have been aesthetically appealing long ago (in a weird wild man-stag kind of way) but those scars thoroughly ruined whatever good looks he once had.

Seriously. This is a scar that would make Ledger's Joker shut up and sit down in the middle of his 'how I got these scars' speeches. I tried to draw the scar as best I could but I'm no good with that, so rest assured that the actual facial scarring is *worse* than what you see in the drawing. But hey, the other side of his face is still relatively unscarred at least. For now anyway.

*Also: every single described scar was earned during live RP over the years. None of his scars are there just for the purpose of being there!*

About the pit fighting: he wasn't so much as retired as kicked out of the sport. Why? Well, the pitfighting profession generally asks that you disarm, pin or draw first blood on your opponent....not lose your mind, fly into a rage and straight up murder your shrieking opponent out of the blue one night. Nor does the profession like it when you turn on the men who enter the ring in a bid to stop your little murder-fest, scattering them like a hawk scatters a chicken flock.


(Oh yes, that was all played out in live RP with a crowd at the match pits in Rhydin. It was horrifying and yet oddly hilarious.)

It was fun while it lasted, arse-hacking dwarf and all. Thorn did well in the pits for a time, largely because he:

1. was a 6 foot man-stag and nobody had seen anything like that before. He was fun to look at if nothing else, and that alone drew spectators.

2. He fought like a velociraptor on speed and had a habit of chasing opponents clear out of the pit. That amused the hell out of the spectators for some reason. They came to see those chases like the NASCAR fans who come only to see the wrecks.

3. He never lost his footing (hoofing?) in a fight. Thank the dice for that one.

(...well, he didn't lose his footing up until that damn dwarf came along with his axe. Fuck you Ombi, fuck you very much.)

Now onto his wardrobe. Thorn only wears leather and coarse fabrics in the form of front-lacing/buttoning tunics and vests, a belted loincloth with various pouches for carrying small things. Wrist wraps and leather leggings on his calves occasionally come into play, and he always has his favored three daggers strapped to belt, calf and thigh. He is all about comfort and ease of movement, not appearances. It's not like it matters - he won't be winning any beauty contests no matter what you dress him in.

He is limited in his choice of upper body wear due to the antlers. Anything has to be open fully in the front if he's to wear it. He can't pull a shirt over his head with that rack of his, although it might be fuckin hilarious to see him try.

It's worth noting that Thorn has never met one of his own kind and likely never will. There will be no mate for him, no sweet spotted fawnlings to raise. (Probably for the best because female wood-striders were rather metal and would probably kick his axe-notched arse to the wall.)
Hell, he doesn't even know what he is. He may never know. Might be best that he doesn't.

Does this get him down? Oh HELL no. There is more to life than settling down and making babies, after all. He has been dealt a unique set of cards, true...but he's been gleefully playing the shit out of those cards and will continue to do so.

No tragic backstory. I mean, potentially being the last of your kind isn't exactly uplifting, true....but he doesn't know that he might be the last. And to be honest if he did learn that he probably would be like "okay" and continue on his way.

Maybe he'll meet a very, very old wood elf some day, and maybe that elf will recognize him for what he is. Maybe not.

Oh and yes, he does speak. The shape of his mouth and muzzle gives him a unique accent and he cannot pronounce some words very well. He speaks the common tongue only and doesn't know a single word of his own race's dead language. Voice? Let's say he sounds like the bastard love child of Richard Armitage and Denis Leary. Make what you will of that.

He can growl too, as is normal for his species. he has his 'sod off' growl, his 'fuck arrows' growl, his softer rumble-purr growl (I am fairly sure that only Freebird, Bri and Zek have ever heard *that* growl.) and sometimes he growls just to hear himself make a noise.

Terrible singer, though.

**Character portrait here at link.*****
Skills:  Ready for a surprise?

No magical abilities (unless making ale disappear counts) and no super powers. His talents are only what his species is naturally predisposed to. He is not immortal and while he could potentially live to see 300 he'll probably die in some utterly stupid manner long before then. He has deerlike speed, endurance and reflexes (real deer can literally duck arrows; YouTube is your friend there) and he has excellent hearing and scenting abilities. Again, this is only natural for his kind.

Your character is an open book as far as his nose is concerned. A few focused sniffs can tell him your race, your mood, your general health, who and what you've been in contact with, and even whether or not you've rutted recently. He can hear heartbeats in a quiet setting, and he can hear the release of an arrow within 30-40 yards as long as there isn't a lot of background noise.

(Note: he hates arrows. Having been on the business end of a few arrows has made him wary as he knows how badly those fuckers hurt. His hearing and reflexes have let him avoid any lethal hits, but he hasn't been able to avoid them all entirely. Seriously, fuck arrows. Point a bow at him and he'll take it very personally.)

On the flip side his hearing and scenting ability can be a double-edged sword. Loud sounds can discombobulate him, if not hurt him. Smoke and other strong odors can do the same while masking important scents. Also: *you* try breathing through such a sensitive nose in a dusty tavern packed full of sweaty unwashed Vikings. That alone is probably half the reason that he prefers the woodlands where he lives.

Don't worry that he'll hear things you don't want him to hear. Much of it is white noise to him until he sees fit to focus on a particular sound or smell. He may hear your supersecretspecial assassin plot from across the room, but he won't give a rat's ass about it and he probably won't remember it later.

….unless he hears an arrow being released, or a bow string being drawn. That will get his attention *immediately.* Because fuck arrows.

He has a fast sprint (think deer) and he can cover considerable distances at a trot without stopping for a breather. His species are excellent climbers too, able to leap impressively with those springy digitigrade legs. Is climbing even considered a skill? It sure as hell is when you have a pack of wargs on your heels and the only way to safety is straight up a fuckin redwood tree.

He does have one or two learned skills. One, his time in the fighting pits made him pretty good with the daggers he carries. He has had them a very long time and is rather attached to them, particularly the one with a hilt made from one of his own old shed antlers.

Secondly, he's a bit of an asshole. Short tempered and quite lacking in social niceties with a sharp tongue to back it all up. He doesn't like to be touched by anyone he does not know and trust, and even then his trust is a flighty thing. Rarely given and easily lost.

(yes, being an asshole is a skill. It's a SKILL DAMMIT)

His time in the match pits taught him to fight dirty when needed, so if his life or freedom is at risk he will employ any means to an end. Hooves, teeth, antlers, knife in the back, hamstringing, throwing chairs at an attacker (and on one memorable occasion throwing a surprised dwarf at an equally surprised attacker. Sorry Ombi.) He was matched against a number of opponents who thought themselves honorable - you know, the type who would not attack when your back was turned - and he was only more than happy to use their sense of honor against them to secure a win.

So yes, he's an asshole. But he's an entertaining sort of asshole, maybe even endearing to a few. Does that make any sense? No. No it does not.

Thorn is far from evil, mind you. A little mean-spirited perhaps, but its the way the world made him. Heroic type? God no. Romantic? LOL NO.

Sense of humor? Oh yes. I mean, one HAS to have a sense of humor to go out drinking and trouble-making with a dwarf who just took an axe to your bum.

Sexuality: Slight problem there. He hasn't met a female of his kind and probably never will. This has made him something of an asexual out of necessity, as human and elf women usually won't touch him with a ten foot stick. (They might poke him with said stick at a safe distance out of curiosity, but that's about it.) That's a bit of a downer since he was raised from a young age by a clan of mercenary humans. Nature vs nurture became a factor there. He grew up with human females and therefore that is what he finds attractive. Of course most women look at him and 'nope' the fuck right outta there...there have been some exceptions with a few ladies who got to know him (and leant toward exotic tastes in men, ha) but not many. So what's a wood-strider to do? Accept things and move on, that's what. He never expresses serious interest in any human/elf/demon/whateverhybridthing because he knows none of them are likely to find him appealing. And he's okay with that.

(He might act a little flirty from time to time but it's mostly just to see a lass respond with some variation of 'yeah fuck no, gtfo you Disney reject' Because it's funny, dammit. He's easily amused, like me.)

So to sum up his skillset: he's an asshole, he is fast, agile, 'inventive' in a fight when needed, and he's pretty good with sharp pointy things. He can smell and hear just about everything, whether he pays attention to it or not. That nose of his makes him a good tracker - not an amazing one, but good. He can be quick with wit but what he finds funny may be less so to others.

He is chaotic neutral at its best...and at its worst, too. He isn't a bad soul, just a slightly 'off' soul.

Give him a chance, he'll grow on you.


Like mold.

(General mun/rp info:

Historical fantasy/medieval rp (high or low) is my cuppa tea, especially one with a Middle Earth-y flavor. Modern rp? Not so much. Thorn would stand out in a modern setting like a condom vending machine at the Vatican. So yes, no modern anything for me.

Mun is male and very much all grown up.

I am looking for some quality roleplay and I'm not at all against getting very wordy with it. You like full paragraphs? You got it. You like 3+ paragraphs? Fine by me. You like twenty paragraphs? Get a hobby.

Casual smut is a no thanks, but 18+ interactions that make sense in the storyline and work within the characters' relationship arcs are fine. Violent RP is fine within the context of a storyline too.

I would love to find old RP friends! XXfyrehawkxx, Brianna Rage, Ombi the dwarf, XolLianalox, Blackriot and anyone else who was friends/enemies/frienemies/friends with benefits/partners in crime etc
with Thorn back in 2002-2016.

Character is an asshole but the mun is usually not, so feel free to PM! I'm down with live RP in chatrooms, discord or PM's, whatever floats your boat. I rarely bother with the main RDI since everyone seems to be doing modern fantasy there lately.)

Descriptive freeform preferred. I've had enough of dice after so much time in the Rune pits!)

*Note: Before you screech 'ewww a furry!' do know that wood-striders have as much in common with 'furries' as Lothlorien elves have with Keebler elves.*

Also, if you actually read this entire profile I give my congrats. You either take your RP very seriously, have an amazing attention span or have absolutely no life. Kudos either way!

I am on too, same screen name.
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