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Character Profile: IXI Lucidity IXI
Portrait Avatar
Vincent Laeon

All about IXI Lucidity IXI
Character Name:  Vincent Laeon
Race:  Celric (Explination in...somewhere)
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:  Western AnimA
Can Be Found:  Here
Profession:  Former Assassin for X-Corp
Appearance:  Vincent had changed since all those years before, the darkness inside of him may have not changed much, but his attire did greatly. He had since shied away from all the leather clothing he seemed to love so. A sleeveless wool shirt took over in its place; the collar came up around and covered to the mid portion of his neck, similar to a sweater and just about as tight as one. On his shoulders sat two black three jointed pauldrons, going down to about mid forearm. Down a bit further covering his left hand was a cloth glove that seemed to be a bit loose compared to the rest of his clothing. On his right hand sat the familiar golden claws with the cloth glove and mesh underneath it. Even further would be his pants, being of the same cloth fabric of his shirt and sat baggy on his figure but covered the rest of his grieves quite nicely. The golden grieves came up to his thigh and gave quite a lot of protection for him. On his waist were two studded belts, strapping at the same place, Oblivion and Kireina Saseruyo Seikyo were in place on his left side, Oblivion on top and the other on bottom taking place of the original Katana and Wakizashi samurai setting. In a strap on his back was Hope and Despair, sticking out quite nicely, but the claws covered with leather as to not cut him while they were there. The unnamed long sword was on his right side, even as this was his offset side.

His hair was in a straightened style, long and most of it hanging down in front of his face; Every little strand of hair seeming to have its own place to sit nicely upon his head. Raven black, silky, smooth. His eyes were ever changing in color, usually viewed as a cold ice blue or a raging crimson red. Almond shaped and fit his oval shaped face nicely. His skin tone was white, almost pale as if he never got out in the sun, though it was soft and that feature showed nicely in the light. Upon his left cheek was a Kanji symbol that was turned slightly upward and read as “Hate” if you could read such a thing correctly. Eyebrow were defined and slightly arched at the end. The vampiric fangs barely overhanging on his bottom lip to give them a slight glisten and burrow into the skin on the full lips. Around his neck were multiple necklaces, one with the right side of an incomplete heart, another that had multiple swords crossing in the middle and the last with a simple X with a hanging strike through it. His figure was slender with a wide chest that showed form; slender and slightly muscular.

On his back, not viewable through his shirt was a scar on his upper back of an awkward “X” also known as the “Assassin's Symbol”: A symbol of ownership. But with his, there was an extra mark through the center for an unknown meaning. Going down his spine were multiple runes and drawings that seemed to be etched into his back and had a story all their own.

His chest was almost flawless (hair wise). Smooth and defined with a curve from center to his hips.

Over his left hand was the cloth glove that hung loosely and always seemed like it was going to fall off from what peering eyes looked at it; though something sat around his ring finger that offset the black glove: A golden ring that burrowed deeply into it. The golden ring was defined by two inclinations going around it.
Skills:  I...have a file on this and logs of my old fights, but for pure reason that it would take forever, you can just guess.
Silver Crowns: 100.00
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  17 Jun 2009
Total posts:  0
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