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Character Profile: Ciarth Whitemane
Portrait Avatar
Ciarth Whitemane
Jeweler, Artist

Art/Photo Credit:
artwork by Wayne Reynolds for Pathfinder RPG

Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Art/Photo Credit:
same as portrait

All about Ciarth Whitemane
Character Name:  Ciarth Whitemane
Race:  human (apparently)
Gender:  male
Place of Origin:  somewhere else
Can Be Found:  RhyDin
Profession:  shaper of glass and silver
Appearance:  Tall and lean, Ciarth is a human who looks to be in his 50's, although there is a sense of long years in his blue eyes that has left some folk wondering. The trim, pure white beard and long hair--which he usually wears pulled back or tied into a braid while working--make plain where he got his name. He is not overly muscular, but plainly exercises regularly.

While his work clothes are simple--homespun tunic, leather pants and apron--he can be found wearing finer attire while going about the city in the evenings, often with a gold-trimmed blue cloak and walking stick, the latter topped with a small crystalline orb.
Skills:  Ciarth is a skilled worker in glass, able to blow, spin, or otherwise shape it into any number of items; he has also demonstrated a talent for working with silver. Combining these skills, he has opened a shop, Shining Star Glassworks, selling both functional and decorative items.

In addition to his trade skills, Ciarth is a fair combatant with sword and his walking stick, and is a surprisingly deft hand with a bow. Those who are sensitive to the flow of magic can sense sorcerous ability within him, though he himself seems unaware of it.

He can read and write several languages fluently, and plays a decent lute to accompany a fine singing voice (on those rare occasions when he does sing).
Silver Crowns: 809.30
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  09 Aug 2009
Total posts:  21
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