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Character Profile: Dill T Jones
Portrait Avatar
Dillon Tacitus Jones
Inventor, Town Drunk

Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

All about Dill T Jones
Character Name:  Dillon Tacitus Jones
Race:  Homospartois
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:  The Glorious world of Chul'Gaias
Can Be Found:  The here and now
Profession:  Warrior-poet, technomancer, certified public accountant. Official title however is Diplomatic Negotiator.
Appearance:  "In the First Age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened... One stood.

He chose the path of perpetual torment.

In his ravenous hatred he found no peace and with boiling blood he scoured the Umbral planes he sought vengeance against the dark lords who wronged him and his kind.

And those that tasted the bite of his sword named him... Doom Slayer"

-Slayer's Testament I

"Tempered by the fires of Hell, his iron will remained steadfast through the passage that preys upon the weak. For he alone was the Hell Walker, the Unchained Predator, who sought retribution in all quarters, dark and light, fire and ice, in the beginning and the end, and he hunted the slaves of Doom with barbarous cruelty; for he passed through the divide as none but demon had before."

-Slayer's Testament II

"And in his conquest against the blackened souls of the doomed, his prowess was shown. In his crusade, Death itself bestowed upon him terrible power and speed, and with his might he crushed the obsidian pillars of the Blood Temples. He set forth without pity upon the beasts of the nine circles. Unbreakable, incorruptible, unyielding, the Doom Slayer sought to end the dominion of the dark realm."

-Slayer's Testament III

"The age of his reckoning was uncounted. The scribes carved his name deep in the tablets of Hell across eons, and each battle etched terror in the hearts of the demons. They knew he would come, as he always had, as he always will, to feast on the blood of the wicked. For he alone could draw strength from his fallen foes, and ever his power grew, swift and unrelenting."

-Slayer's Testament IV

"None could stand before the horde but the Doom Slayer. Despair spread before him like a plague, striking fear into the shadow-dwellers, driving them to deeper and darker pits. But from the depths of the abyss rose The Great One, a champion mightier than all who had come before. The Titan, of immeasurable power and ferocity. He strode upon the plain and faced the Doom Slayer, and a mighty battle was fought on the desolate plains. The Titan fought with the fury of the countless that had fallen at the Doom Slayer's hand, but there fell the Titan, and in his defeat the shadow horde were routed."

-Slayer's Testament V

"And in his terrible rancor between worlds and through time, the Hell Walker found the wretch who shall not be named, but in his heresy was loyal to his evil cause. The wretch adorned the Doom Slayer in a mighty armor, wrought in the forges of Hell, impenetrable and unyielding. With sword and shield of adamantine strength, the Doom Slayer set to banishing all that were left unbroken by his savagery to the void."

-Slayer's Testament VI

"Yet as the mighty Titan fell and dread engulfed the armies of Doom, the demon priests of the Blood Temples laid a trap to capture this scourge of Hell. Insatiable, even by the vanquishing of the Great One, the Hell Walker sought prey in the tombs of the Blood Keep. And blinded by his fervor, the lure drew him in. The priests brought down the temple upon the Doom Slayer, and in his defeat entombed him in the cursed sarcophagus. The mark of the Doom Slayer was burned upon his crypt, a warning to all of Hell that the terror within must never be freed. There he lies still, and ever more, in silent suffering."

-Slayer's Testament VII
Skills:  It ran fast. Faster than it had ever ran before. Faster than when it was hungry and sensed weak prey nearby. Faster than when the larger of it's kin had noticed it.

It ran as fast as it could, even as it held in it's ichor and organs that tried to escape from a ragged wound across it's stomach. It had to get away, it had to find help... to tell someone that...

-He- had returned from the deepest parts of their nightmares.

When he tripped in fell among a crater of bones, it did not even slow down. It was feral and furious in it's climb up the slope to where it knew more of it's kind waited.

And when a clawed hand reached the top, it settled right near the armored boot of a mortal creature. A mortal being that stood in front of field of its dead brothers and sisters.

The demon went stock still from terror, slowly looking up to the mortal. But its eyes did not meet the golden visor for a face, rather it focused on a demonic rune burned into a creatures armor. A circle with two lines struck through it. The mark of warning. Of danger.

The Mark of the Doom Slayer.

He had returned.

Dillon Tactius Jones.
Ultra-violence is the only difficulty to play the game at.
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Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  18 Aug 2009
Total posts:  29
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