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Character Profile: QuinnDeFortes
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Quinn DeFortes
Bullet Catcher

Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

All about QuinnDeFortes
Character Name:  Quinn DeFortes
Race:  Not so human anymore
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Can Be Found:  An RV campside
Profession:  Chief executive officer for a Real Estate company dealing soley in luxury resorts.
Appearance:  Appearances can often be deceiving when it comes to the plays of mortal men, sadly this isn’t the case when speaking of Quinn. He is simple, broad in chest and shoulders and considerably taller than most men he’s known at 6’6”. Never an overly muscular man, he didn’t strike one as someone who spends his days working with his back. That is until he was transformed into something else entirely. Now he sports more brawn than before, and because of that sometimes he has a hard time judging his own strength. A striking pair of quick silver eyes and a smile that gets him out of more trouble than he should have been in in the first place.

Quinn is in his mid to late thirties and happily frozen there, a midlife were crisis is always a little bit more detrimental than a regular one. His new found abilities are causing plenty of detriment on their own. Loud noises render the man completely unable to function, the smell of a bleeding animal (Human or otherwise) proves severely problematic to him and his inner wolf tries at regular to make appearances that he is still not fully equipped to deal with.

It has been several months since Quinn was bitten and made into a werewolf. The thought of growing old was too much for him if his husband wasn’t going to grow old with him. Plus his vulnerabilities gave him the burden of guilt in fear that his mate would have to lower his own guard to protect his human partner. Quinn's wolf is white as snow with the same piercing quicksilver eyes thus making him a very rare and powerful wolf. All the power in the world couldn’t help Quinn’s wolf though, as he is still just a pup mentally, very quick to act, and at times foolish.
Skills:  Tracking and hunting were becoming two of Quinn’s new favorite past times. Tracking was something he was getting rather talented with, catching a scent and following it for miles, stalking his prey was a sort of sport for him. Quinn didn’t only hunt in that four legged form either. His nose wasn’t nearly as sensitive when he walked as a man, it proved more challenging and therefore more fun.

Quinn had a more than human strength now, and still broke things he shouldn’t have for lack of proper care taken. Luckily he spent most of his time at home, worried that he would display this strength by mistake and hurt someone. In addition to the strength and the tracking, he was intensely fast.

Human traits and talents still deeply rooted into him. A fierce loyalty, keen mind and affinity for getting himself into and out of trouble followed him from his first life to his current one. Very well read and multi talented. Bar backing with the best of them and as charming as they came. Since taking his company public Quinn had nothing but time on his hands, and was spending it learning about himself.

((OOC note, Player is over thirty (ouch) and consenting to most any play with a simple private message. Posts made in forum are typically adult in nature. You've been warned. The website is Quinn's tumblr and will most likely end up being some sort of mature in nature. Again you've been warned.))
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Joined:  16 Mar 2010
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