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Character Profile: In the Pale Moon Light
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Talbot Kerberos


All about In the Pale Moon Light
Character Name:  Talbot Kerberos
Race:  Human, with a little something extra...
Gender:  Indomitably male
Place of Origin:  Galveston, Texas
Can Be Found:  Looking for trouble...
Profession:  Demon Slayer
Appearance:  He was a man. A husband, a father, with a wife that he loved dearly and a son and daughter he would gladly have given his life for.

That was before his entire world was plunged upside down into darkness, all in the space of a single night.

The world he so adored came to a crashing halt with a knock at the door, a young woman seeking shelter on a dark, cold and rainy night.

His wife allowed her in, permitting her to stay the night and perhaps to find a way to continue on the next day.

It was a shock when she took them all prisoner, overpowering each of them, imprisoning them in their own home.

It was he that she chose to taunt, leering evilly as she tortured his family over three days, those he loved, taunting him with the cracking of their bones, the screams and pleas for mercy and for help that would never come.

Him she let be for last, enjoying the sight of him first pleading, then in despair as his daughter she finally gave death to after horrible tortures. His wife came next, and finally, when despair had passed into rage, his son.

The chairs were wooden. Sturdy, but breakable.

He had never been a weak man, well-muscled and strong. He managed to break free as she was sating her thirst with his final child, the chair broken and used to reduce her to the ashy remnants that their kind become when they are destroyed.

It was the moment that would define his life.

Once a man of peace, of family, he dedicated his life thereafter to destroying the evils that had destroyed his life, hunting them down wherever he could find them.

He learned how to fight them from whomever would teach him, and in the process discovered that vampires were the most common - as well as the mildest - flavor of dangerous evil to be destroyed.

It mattered not. He was determined to destroy them all.

His first demon that he destroyed brought with it a new lesson - that certain demons, once destroyed, could grant their powers to the one that had slain them.

This lesson was learned with a dark sort of glee. At last, he could fight the demons on their own terms, with their own weapons.

But it also led him down a darker path, threatening not only his sanity but the purity of his soul. What started as vengeance became a quest for power.

It would be a time before the last lesson could be learned - that the hunt for monsters, more often than not, leads to the creation of yet another monster.

A demon slaughtered that, rather than being of any harm to the world, had only been protecting its nest, its young, its family. Not a benevolent entity to be sure, but hardly one of the malignant.

This act would be the one that opened his eyes, adding to what was already a surfeit of guilt over not being able to save his own family...the slaughter of another. Was he truly any better than the monsters he sought to exterminate?

More care was taken from then on, but still he sought to avenge, to escape the world of his woes, of constant reminders of all the things he had lost.

His love.

His children.

His life.

His humanity.
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Joined:  30 Mar 2010
Total posts:  3
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Last Visited: Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:52 am
Signature:  "He who does battle with monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster...and when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

- Friedrich Nietzsche
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