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Character Profile: A Flawed Verse
Portrait Avatar
Poesy Peterson

Art/Photo Credit:
Mia Tyler.

Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Art/Photo Credit:
Mia Tyler

All about A Flawed Verse
Character Name:  Poesy Peterson
Race:  Human
Gender:  Female
Place of Origin:  NY
Can Be Found:   
Profession:  Collector of several rejection letters.
Appearance:  There's a girl who keeps showing up at the book store. She's there right after the sign on the door is flipped from closed to open. The sun is already beating through tinted windows casting shadows along the swept floor where the letters in glass are painted and whomever working behind the counter generally can't even creek their eyes fully open yet. The whole place smells like coffee-sugar heaven as the first pots of the day are put on while the first batches of fresh pastries are being cooked.

Might be different clothes but its the same set up everyday. In between the first step in and on her way to her favorite spot; a thick, dark purple plush chair, black horn rimmed glasses are perched on her nose. They look like they were stolen from some '50's movie set. Silver accents on each corner gleam.

Too fond of black eyeliner and dark eyeshadow a la Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra style. Almost. Not quite that bad but it might make a mind wonder if she was using so much to hide behind or make the brown/green of her eyes stand out.

Fond of garnets, there are usually two in her ear and a ring on her finger gleaming lightly as she digs about in her purse. A handmade monstrosity with the bright rainbow lines of space invaders painted on each side. Big enough to hold her laptop, several mole skin journals, favorite dog eared books and pens of all shapes, colored inks and sizes.

Her fingers are forever ink-stained some where. A fleck or a spot. Could catch the blue, black, red or multicolored spatter on fingernail and tips at the flip of pages that happened the instant her backside hit the chair.

She'd been coming here for so long she didn't need to go upfront to order. Whomever was working would mosey that way eventually when they had time. They knew better than to try to strike up a conversation with her. Every time anyone's tried it ended badly. She always looked absolutely terrified of small talk and if pressed, panicked and overwhelmed them with random babbling. She didn't know how to talk to other people.

They were used to her quirks by now, though. The lucky rabbits feet she kept forgetting, the sea salt, split peas or sand around her chair they kept sweeping up. Her habit of painting the tables or random things she brought with her red. They stopped counting the many flat-mirrors she'd sprinkled the place with randomly and didn't even quirk a brow to her love of little bells. She was an odd duck, but harmless.

All she seemed to care about were reading and writing her secrets in between cheap, lined paper.
Skills:  Getting her works rejected by every major publishing company on the planet. Doing the oddest things at the weirdest times. Saying anything and everything that is going on in her head when she shouldn't.

((Food for thought: I don't believe in role playing in a public room to ignore everyone else in there. I'm there to play with everyone I possibly can. If I don't respond it's because I am old, half-blind and an idiot. Send me an IM at any time if I miss an action toward Poesy.

On the flip side, I am not going to outside of my concepts for Poesy, or out of my own way in a level that becomes less than fun to get your character to engage with mine. I'm not here to prove how awesome you are and how desperate I am to have someone RP with me--you shouldn't be either.

I also don't believe in taking things characters do, say and think in character as a representative projection of the player. (As in: I don't take IC issues OOC)

I don't believe in calling your characters thoughts, emotions, next actions, facial expressions, or words. I don't believe in reading a thread written about your character or a piece of information in your character's profile and using it IC (other than what my character can physically see, hear, smell, or touch) or anything else for that matter. And especially not without permission.

Please won't you do the same for me?))
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Joined:  27 Jul 2010
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Interests: Poetry, writing, day dreaming, writing, poems, writing, books, writing, reading, writing.
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