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Character Profile: Olivia Diogenes
Portrait Avatar
Liv. Known as "Lethe" in the cat burglar world.

Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

All about Olivia Diogenes
Character Name:  Liv. Known as "Lethe" in the cat burglar world.
Race:  Arli-Medvedara Romani, Demeter clan
Gender:  Female
Place of Origin:  Sulukule, Istanbul
Can Be Found:   
Appearance:  The sound of the alarm was already faint in the distance. The sirens had stopped, but the team that had entered the museum had not been given insight nor instruction as to the taming of the screaming security system. Something about the night being violated by that cacophony, long after she had escaped the cavernous, looming building, made her smile. It was a rascal's smile. A mischief-maker's archetypal trademark set in the cream of her pale features and framed by a halo of her parchment-honey hair. Loki himself would have toasted that smile.

He also might have been a little daunted by the sharp way her sky-pale eyes snapped a fast, carnivorous attention. Though it reminded one of a whip-crack, a punctuation, it was reverent. It assessed. It paid its dues with efficiency and candor. But when Liv looked at you, really looked at you, it consumed you-- hooked at the mouth and reeling you in. It drank from some fount of sincerity you often forgot you still protected at the core of you and returned it just a little less full. She took a sip of what the devil's drinking. Her gaze was a measured surveillance that made notes as spidery and intricate as the schematics she would scratch out in her black notebook. You were reduced to a pile of intuitive, hypervigilant anecdotes in the margins. It was as reductionist as much as it was non-judgemental. She considered herself a social constructivist, to be honest. A free-wheeling champion of entropy and inertia here to shake it up a little. And when Liv wasn't lying through her pretty, petal-shaped mouth she was completely, and utterly sincere. Devil-may-care. Just like that f**king smile. Immortally, demonically, ...charming. It made you forget the notebook. The planning. The artifice and artistry. One way or another she was getting in, and she was going to get what she wanted. Even if it was just to make you laugh-- helplessly.

She was smiling like that as she closed the door behind her- silent as snowfall on a starless night. She dropped into her overly-comfortable chair, pulling her satchel into her lap and crossing her legs casually as they were thrown over the plush armrest. She was tall, lithe, and had coltish gymnast-limbs that were sculpted by the circus and the stage but she had found a better use for them. Stereotypes could be badges of honour. Or excuses. Or destiny.

She pulled the medieval book out of her bag and ran the tips of her soft, kid-leather gloves over the cover of the book. Patient-- drawing the moment out like exquisite taffy made of precious, soulless time. She opened the manuscript in her lap, turning a page to inspect the first plate. It was beautiful. The vibrant colours and gold-flake danced like a portal to a dream nestled in her black silhouette in the dark. The monk had been a Master. She sighed the sigh of satisfaction-- of completion and hard work paid off. It was post-coital and she fought the urge to grab a cigarette.

"Mm," she purred into her lonely apartment.

She'd call the buyer tomorrow. Tonight, she was going to see what all the fuss was about.

“You know what charm is: a way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question.” -- Albert Camus
Skills:  She can also see and speak to the dead. She is a gifted Victorian spiritualist that can provide guidance, insight, and the occasional tarot reading.
Silver Crowns: 1920.90
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  02 Sep 2018
Total posts:  27
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