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Character Profile: Cadaria
Portrait Avatar
Cadaria Jones (Naedda)
The Fallen Angel
Tutor, Priestess

Art/Photo Credit:
Angel Original found on bing: editing by Artista K

Adult Wyrm
Adult Wyrm

Art/Photo Credit:
Black angel wings: orginals found on bing.

All about Cadaria
Character Name:  Cadaria Jones (Naedda)
Race:  Fallen Angel
Gender:  female
Place of Origin:  Rhydin
Can Be Found:  Jones Manor
Profession:  healer ,scribe,book keeper,stable hand.cook,maid,tutor.A Jack of All Trades
Appearance:  5' 10',' her hair is long past her shoulders and black as ink. Her eyes are piercing green, yet they hold a softness to them. Her body is that of a possible dancer or even a skilled fighter. Curves where it counts and muscles.

Her style is dark colored shirts, black, blues, greens, reds etc. Tall black boots round out most of her day to day looks, black pants. Sometimes she is more relaxed and wears denim or perhaps a more feminine shirt with lace or frills. But she doesn't do the frill thing often. She likes classic looks. And doesn't mind showing a little skin.

She bares a few scars, though she heals quickly and often fully without having to think much about it, some of her wounds from her past have left scars. Most hidden by clothes or her long hair.

She bares a set of long graceful black wings. That she keeps hidden by magic unless she lets them show.
Skills:  She's well spoken, and well educated for someone native to Rhydin. Perhaps her place wasn't always in Rhydin, for she seems to know a lot about the world outside of the nexus and its pull. She is often the first to offer her help if someone needs it.

Fiercely loyal, she will risk her life for people she cares for, even if they would not do the same for her. She has a few heightened senses but most aren't things she was born with, but things she learned over time. How to see in the darkest of nights, how to hear things through walls or from far away.

Quick healing abilities, healing magic as well as holy magic, as well as a few other magical skills. She is skilled in melee, hand to hand and ranged attacks both with weapons and with magic. Now a skilled swordsmen thanks to help from much training. Her best magic's are with healing others and herself. She can fly with her wings but only for short distances.

Her holy magic skills are ones of pureness, light to over come darkness. Her other skills are simple and complex, things one learns about her when you known her well enough.

No one would notice any weapons on her. They are bespelled to be kept hidden.

She's not known to do it in public, but she does sing and sing well. She can also play a few instruments. The Elven lyre, the harp and the piano. But don't ask her to play for you she's quite shy about the fact.

She wears two neckalces aorund her neck.One bares the dragon of the alliance. The other is a round silver locket given to her by her love and husband Drake.

Drake and Cadaria wed on December 20th 2012
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Cadaria Jones
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