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Character Profile: Illissa Hawkwood
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Illissa Hawkwood
Political Activist, Priestess

All about Illissa Hawkwood
Character Name:  Illissa Hawkwood
Race:  Elven
Gender:  Female
Place of Origin:   
Can Be Found:   
Profession:  Royal High Priestess
Appearance:  Impossibly pale skin with shimmering platinum blond hair. Her eye color shifts from a pinkish red to violet depending on which way she is looking. Illissa has a thin and delicate form for an elven woman of her rank. She has ritual tattoos on her face and body that she wears with pride. Something most in the order refused to go through. A golden collar wraps around her neck and matching shackles on her wrist and ankles. The only jewelry she willing wears is her earrings and necklace her husband gave her on their wedding day.

Illissa is never without her husband's bonded dragon who since her banishment from the order has chosen to bond with her to keep her safe. Melreth is a beautiful fire dragon, his scales glistening shades of crimson with black eyes. He will protect Illissa at all cost as she searches for he husband and son, always curled up on her shoulders keeping watch.

It was then that Illissa went through the ancient tattooing ritual, even though it was no longer required because she believed in the order and wished to preserve its history.

From a young age, Illissa had shown interest in the dragons of the orders. Spending many days and nights in their company. Although she was never magically or by blood bonded to them, but emotionally Ilissa was their greatest treasure and for her they were a second family.

Illissa was the pride and joy of her family and so she was assigned a human warrior bonded with one of the order's dragons for protection. Against the rules and traditions,she found herself falling in love with her guard. He was charming and handsome, making every day a bit brighter in his company.

They both knew the day would come and the order would chose a an elven mate from within to bind her to. They would expect children of this mating, but Illissa's heart and soul belonged to her warrior.

It felt like a knife was being taken to her heart each time a male of the order would try to court her to prove he was worthy of being her mate. Every touch sent her skin crawling and when they would kiss her hand, it would take all she had not to cry.

Unable to bare the pain of watching Illissa being courted, let alone the idea of her being mated like cattle to expand the ranks of the order, which made his blood boil, her love searched for a way for them to to be together.

The dragons gave him the answer. In the dead of night the dragons wedded the pair, they both cared for dearly. Binding them heart, soul and blood, a bond so strong and ancient no one within the order could break it.

Illissa would still have to have a mate within the order to keep anyone from being suspicious of her and her husband, but least they could take comfort in the their bond.

It wasn't long before Illissa was expecting a little one. The pregnancy very difficult on her due to the baby being half elven and half human. There was never a day she didn't feel sick and exhausted, but her husband never left her side.

The baby was born in the dark of night among the dragons. Joy and pride felt by all who witness the birth. Illissa and her husband hid the baby and told the order that she had a still born. The order gave her a year to deal with the grief of losing a child. Things were working out very well for them for 4 years.

One day her elven mate caught Illissa with her husband and son. Once he told the order, Illissa and her son were to be killed for going against everything the order stood for.

The dragons guarded the small child, while Illissa and her love fought the bloody battle. Unwilling to escape without the other, Illissa was captured and her husband badly injured.

Illissa's husband was dragged out of the temple, barely clinging to life and banished. While she was collared and shackled to prevent her form using her magic to save those she loved. Her son cried and screamed for his mother as they dragged her away.

The dragons refused to let anyone of the order near the child until they swore he wouldn't be killed. The order agreed knowing they had no choice.

Brought before the order's elders, her father begged for his only daughters life. He argued that she may have broken the rules, but she could still be of use to them. In the end Illissa was banished to a temple high in the mountains. Isolated and broken, she waited for the day she would be free to find her husband and son.
Skills:  She has always had a tender heart that has kept her humble despite her rank as a royal priestess within the order. Wind is her natural magical element, but with unyielding diligent study and practice, she became the master of all four elements.

Never seen without a book in hand, she is highly intelligent, willing to learn and try anything with childish curiosity. The scent of leather, aged paper and ink clinging to her skin from hours of being in the order's library.

She has never been very good with weapons of any sort, but tried anyway. Illissa's laughter would fill the temple at her never ending failure with them.
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