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Character Profile: Cailin
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Cailin Treavere

All about Cailin
Character Name:  Cailin Treavere
Race:  Human
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:  The Temple of G'hilearon
Can Be Found:   
Profession:  Kallo of Yöre - The Guardians of Nir'rayoth
Appearance:  A tall pale man built with sleek muscle shrouded in loose, voluminous robes. They are long and grey and similar in design to the Japanese kimono. The sleeves are embroidered with an intricate design in a faded gold thread, and it is held by a thick red sash used in lieu of a belt. Across his back hangs a curved sword that he wields with a great amount of skill. He has sharp features, a strong brow, short dark hair, and hazel eyes.
Skills:  The Knights of Yöre undergo rigorous training throughout their lives. They are taught in secret, hiding in temples and hidden enclaves. They are a secretive order of warriors and guardians dedicated to protecting the material realm from the otherworldly dangers beyond the veil. They are trained in the knowledge of magic and how to defend against it, in demons and how to defeat them, and in countless other monsters and beasts who threaten the people of Nir'rayoth.

Cailin is a Kallo of Yöre. They are the agents of the Goddess of the Veil, her eyes and ears throughout the lands. They explore the unseen depths tainted by Oro's perverse machinations and are granted her blessing of longevity and minor resistances to abysmal magics as well as limited access to a few select divine arts for healing damage done and repelling the unholy.
Silver Crowns: 100.00
Auctions: 0 won
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Joined:  24 Feb 2011
Total posts:  0
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Last Visited: Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:24 pm
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