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Character Profile: Quetzalcoatl
Portrait Avatar

Art/Photo Credit:
Digital Serrano

All about Quetzalcoatl
Character Name:  Quetzalcoatl
Race:  A feathered serpent of questionable loyalties.
Gender:  Androgynous
Place of Origin:  First known sighting: Mesoamerica
Can Be Found:  On, or with, Nicole Rivera
Appearance:  The whole of his being had always been symbiosis. The difference between this host and all the others was what had waited for him, deceived him, and only revealed himself once the symbiosis had passed the point of reversal. In this host he was not the only symbiote. There is another: His name is Tezcatlipoca. A being very much like him with the exception of outward appearances and philosophy but, most importantly, these two have been at war since the beginning of time.

They have been both an ally at times (the enemy of my enemy is my friend) and foe to the other even. They use the host's ability to survive in the atmosphere of its planet and, in return, give the host augmented abilities. The connection itself means that the host has access to most of their memories as well as their consciousness. They can only take over if she allows it but, as it causes to much strain on her particular physiology, an alternative method of manifesting themselves is preferred, though they cannot remain outside of the host in this form for more than eight hours without putting their own lives at great peril.

This biological similarity (indeed, not only are they are both of the same mysterious species but they are also brothers) hardly reflects the countless centuries of conflict between them.

Their differences are founded not in their biological needs but in their philosophies (as explained below):

Quetzalcoatl is Guile, he is Intellect and he is Power. Tezcatlipoca is Loyalty, he is Protection, and he is Love.

Each of these two beings augment their host in different ways. For example, Tezcatlipoca would augment speed and reflex while Quetzalcoatl would augment such things as stealth and great physical strength.

They are also able to form into major physical attributes/augmentations. An example being where Quetzalcoatl would become a weapon and Tehuantl would become a coat of armor and shield.
Skills:  He has two forms. Animal form and half-human form. He cannot be away from his host for more than eight hours.

Perhaps he had been a god but the truth was more along the lines of having been descended from one. His exact history remains shrouded in darkness, even to those he is bonded with.

The only visible sign of his presence comes in the form of what appears to be a tattoo on the skin of his host. He is not always in the same place and neither is the tattoo always the same artistic rendition. The tattoo might, at times, look very alive such as slithering up her arm. If he were to take control of Nicole, he would become a full-body tattoo.

(The portrait is his half-human form. The avatar is a representation of both the tattoo and his animal form.)

Nicole Rivera Profile:

Tezcatlipoca Profile:
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