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Character Profile: Ailex
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Art/Photo Credit:
Patti Katherine, edited


All about Ailex
Character Name:  Ailex
Race:  Human... mostly
Gender:  Female
Place of Origin:  Earth
Can Be Found:  Sintas Camp (near the Glen)
Profession:  Dreamseer, card reader, "psychic"
Appearance:  When Ailex was born everyone was surprised at her strange, prismatic eyes that changed color depending on how the light hit them. The doctor didn't know what to make of it and claimed it was just an illusion and her eyes would settle on a color when she aged.

That never happened.

The small town she grew up in had once been a prosperous coal mining town. After a cave-in left a dozen men dead, the mine had been deemed unsafe and abandoned. Many people lost their jobs and left for better prospects, but some of those families had been there generations--all the way back to before the mine had been opened. They clung to the land, reverted back to old ways and lived a meager life.

Ailex didn't quite fit into that life. She'd been a toddler when the mine collapsed, but that didn't stop the rumors that she'd been seen near the mountain before it fell in. It didn't stop people from worrying if her strange eyes that swirled with colors were the work of the Devil.

And then there were the strange drawings she did in school that all the teachers worried about. Ailex said they were things that she'd seen in her sleep, but the eerie pictures struck a note. Especially when one of them predicted one of her classmates falling down into an old covered up well in a field.

After that happened Ailex's parents had no choice but pull her from school. The boy wasn't hurt--Ailex said that angels were there to protect him--but people were still afraid. They wanted the girl out of the town, but her parents were well liked. So long as she was kept out of the public's eye they would tolerate her.

So she was home schooled from then on. Forbidden to go into the town. She roamed the forests surrounding the town instead, delving deeper than even the seasoned hunters went. She went to the deep dark places where the sun didn't penetrate and no one would look at her strangely. She spoke to the trees of all the things she couldn't tell to people.

As she got older and the townspeople began to forget her, Ailex would venture into town again. By the time she was sixteen she had become quite adept at moving quietly from shadow to shadow to avoid being seen. Most people didn't see her or ignored her. That is until one day she grew bold and approached a group of teens her age.

One of them was the boy who'd fallen into the well.

Oh, kids can be so cruel, can't they? They teased and teased Ailex, but she was naive to their taunts. They mocked her, but she didn't understand. Finally they decided to play a prank on her. After all... they'd heard their parents' whispers that she must be evil. It'd be okay if they taught her a lesson.

They convinced Ailex to go into the old mine. Coal turns into diamonds, they said. The old miners said they were everywhere, they said. Want to be our friend? Why not go and grab some diamonds? They'd all done it, they said. It was tradition.

Ailex ventured into the partially obscured mine entrance with a pit of dread forming in her stomach. There was something wrong about this, she just knew it! After less than a dozen steps inside she turned back, deciding she'd had enough. But it was too late--the kids outside had blocked up the opening with a bunch of boards and held them in place while she banged and cried. They laughed and laughed while the terrified girl begged to be set free.

Then there came the terrible scraping sound, like metal on rock. Ailex's yells turned into screams... then nothing. The silence dragged on and the teens' laughter and jeers flagged. They exchanged concerned looks, the guilt of what they were doing creeping in. Just before they got ready to move the boards there was a rushing noise coming from the cave, followed by an explosive wind that knocked the boards and the teens out of the way.

And there were a brilliant light that the townspeople couldn't ignore.

They found the teens in a daze outside the mine and Ailex unconscious inside--and the mine completely changed. Where there had once been solid, gray rock was now dazzling prisms that cast rainbows everywhere with the slightest hint of light. As beautiful and strange as the girl stirring in their midst.

She was sent away after that. Her parents were too afraid the townspeople, who were more convinced than ever that she was a demon, would do something. They feared for their daughter so they sent her to a group home far, far away. In a big strange city where they hoped their child could finally disappear into the crowds.
Skills:  ~ooc~

Ailex comes from an ancient line of Dreamseers. The ability was thought to have been diluted so much that the talent was gone, with her being the first in several generations.

Her dreams are visions of past, present and future events. They are rarely straight forward, often involving a lot of symbolism that she can't always interpret. Occasionally when she's tired she can also have visions centered on others, especially if they have a strong aura. She can also put her into a meditative state to the same result, but these visions are always weaker than her dreams.

I'm still working out the kinks of this character. If you'd like to know more or want to play, just hit me up! I'm a chronic lurker.
I also do actual tarot readings with the shadowscapes deck, though for play purposes probably a biiiit manipulated.
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