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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.   This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.   printer-friendly view    Red Dragon Inn - Dragon's Mark Forum Index -> The Catacombs -> RhyDin's Ballet Troupe
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Katarina Smith
Principal Ballerina
Old Wyrm
Old Wyrm

Joined: 10 Dec 2007
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2009 1:46 pm    Post subject: Coppelia Reply with quote

With dusk approaching, the Rhydin Theatre and Opera House sprang to life. Set aglow to set a dramatic ambience, posters were displayed, and some stamped with “sold-out.” The exterior of the theatre, right above the doors, had the addition of a large balcony with several books lining around the edging. Large, life-sized books decorated the walls to bring hints of the theme of the ballet.

The lobby was already filled with early guests who anticipated the several grand doors to open. Posters of the play were displayed on the walls next to large dark colored candles, and different themes and props were cleverly collaborated to give subtle clues to those that did not know the story. The warm browns gave the sense of a the comforts of a small town atmosphere. Waiters came around to several groups of people with complimentary drinks of simple flavors and hor’dourves. There were also simple flyers passing around of invitations to the after party directly after the opera the following night in the Great Hall.

Candles of varying sizes brought illumination inside the theatre and down the aisles. Ushers were dress in simple but tailored tuxedoes. They appeared polished and patient, waiting for the doors to open and guide people to their seats. The walls and ceiling were made of both dark wood and light marble; designs both simple and bold that naturally drew the viewer’s eyes to the stage.

“Gah, I hate these thin's." Katarina continued to carefully apply adhesives to her toes to avoid blisters from her hard ballet slippers. With her makeup and hair already complete, she was trying to avoid putting on her costume as long as possible, and so took extra precaution of her toes.

"Every time you have a problems with those." Andy watched with amusement as Katarina had difficulty removing the adhesives from her fingers to place on her toes, "And every time I offer my assistance. And every time you say-"

"Go 'way." She grinned up at him and his look of satisfaction, "I kin do it, jist mahbe nah as quick as ya kin." She stood up, gathered her slippers in one hand, and moved over to dip her heels one at a time is a small basin of rosin, "Dun'cha hav' somethin' ta do?" Of course one look over at him confirmed that he was completely dressed and ready for the performance. With the year she had danced with Andy, she already knew that he liked to be prepared early and quick so that he could spend the rest of his time away to focus.

"Just coming to check up on you." He raised a brow as he watched her place her slippers on before moving towards another basin of water and dipping her heels in there as well, "Planning on losing your slippers?"

"Nah, jist takin' the possibility 'way." With the the silence in the studio, the sounds of the theatre being opened for ushers to take people to their seats brought the sound of a soft murmur. Katarina wiggled her brows and Andy and started for backstage to get dressed into her costume, "Showtime!"
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Jolyon Gardiner
Adult Wyrm
Adult Wyrm

Joined: 03 Mar 2008
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 9:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jolyon had arrived at Serena's residence surprisingly just at the time he had said he would wearing his best grey suit with waistcoat, overcoat and slacks all to match. The white shirt was pressed and the golden cufflinks gleamed. The horse and curricle had cooperated with his efforts. While he could not tell if Serena, in her very becoming attire, found his mode of transportation amusing or not, it felt good to be riding in the curricle once more with the reins in his hands.

It had been almost two weeks since he hitched the little two wheeled curricle up for the alarming task of transporting Hamish into town. As if in rebirth for a pleasanter task, the curricle even seemed to creak less, its cushioned insides more comfortable, and the horse pranced merrily before it as they made their way to the theatre.

The livery beside the theatre had a vacancy, and one of the boys greeted Jolyon as if a long lost friend. There was no time to share news with the lad, but a coin in the dirty little palm and a touch to the bony shoulder, Jolyon turned to Serena with a smile and offered his arm to escort her to the theatre.

It was lively, bright, excitement and anticipation in the voices of other guests. The decorations of the lobby and thematic dressing of the waiters all added to the warmth growing at the center of him. It had been too long since he had indulged in a night such as this, and he felt a bit of himself coming back to him. Ease and reserved but warm friendliness for Serena and others he saw until it was time to find their seats.

A few words shared of the story with his guest, what he knew of it from studies, but he had never seen this production before and looked forward to learning more about it. It was supposed to be a touch comedic, and that, he realized, he needed. A nudge in the back of his mind to relax, laugh when he felt like it, and words of a friend that relieved him of the burden of guilt in continuing to live his life.

It was a fine start to the evening, and Jolyon shared a smile with Serena as the lights went down over the audience and the stage lights shone more brightly.

((Jolyon and Serena attended opening night))
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Locke DVestavio
The Ice Elf
Old Wyrm
Old Wyrm

Joined: 11 Sep 2007
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 28, 2009 3:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

“ 'Cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home.”
(Matt & Kim, “Daylight”)

Locke stood in front of the mirror on his closet door, twisting and turning to look at himself in his tuxedo from every angle. Unlike ballets past, Locke had stayed away from the flashier fashions he had previously worn. He would wear a tuxedo and not a suit. That tuxedo would only have one button, not five. The jacket and trousers would be black, with a white tuxedo shirt, unlike the coat and shirt he wore for La Bayadere, which had been a particularly daring shade of pink and blue, respectively. And he would wear a bowtie, and it would be black. For the first time in a while, he didn't feel the need to call attention to himself with his wardrobe for the night. He was shooting for effortlessly elegant this evening, and if his reflection in the mirror was any indication, he thought he was doing a damn good job of pulling that off.

All that was left was the bowtie. He stepped inside his closet and went up on the tips of his toes to pull a box of ties down from their storage spot above a rack laden with dress shirts and suitcoats. He brought it down and quickly removed a black bowtie from the container, before returning the remaining ties to their proper place. He walked back out and stood in front of the mirror, placing the tie around his neck and pulling one end down so that it was a couple of inches longer than the other. He crossed the longer end over the shorter one, before bringing it up and under the loop he had just formed. He then doubled the shorter end over itself, forming a loop in front that he brought the longer end back over to loop with again. Finally, he doubled the long portion of the tie back on itself and pushed it through the loop behind the now nearly completed bow, which cemented everything in place. A couple of tugs to adjust the fit and to center it on his neck, and he was done. He pointed at the mirror and winked to himself, before shutting the door and walking back into his living room.

Spring had been slowly peeling winter's cruel grasp from the realm of RhyDin for weeks now. An unseasonably warm day here, a cloudless, sunshine-y day there, and more generally, a gradual increase in the hours of daylight as the days and weeks moved forward. Unlike many in RhyDin, spring was one of Locke's least favorite seasons. Summer won that contest easily, for the heat and humidity was anathema to the ice elf's preference for cold and snow, but spring was second, because it heralded the inevitable increase in temperatures to come. It was in spring that he first lost the luxury of choosing to dress in as much or as little clothing as he desired. Once the temperature was up over 45 degrees Farenheit, he was stuck bundling up in cold-enchanted to clothes to keep himself from getting heat sick. Lately though, the spirit of the season had infected him. He felt reborn. He was growing. He was changing, and it seemed like for the better.

It was early evening, and yet the sun was still out, fighting to penetrate the blinds that Locke had pulled down over the balcony door in his plain white living room. It tossed lines of light across his carpet, his walls, and his furniture, warm fingers beckoning the room to be closer, to touch further. Locke obliged, pulling the blinds open so that the last rays of the day could flood the room. He then opened the door and stepped onto the balcony, looking west to where the sun was setting over the mountains and hills of Battlefield Park. He lifted his arms to the sky, and then brought them around his middle, giving himself a tight hug. He wished he could pull the sun down from the sky, or at the very least, feel the heat it imparted on the world without discomfort. Today, he would settle for the memories of being warm, and remember that even if he was still physically frigid, his heart and soul had been thoroughly thawed.

((Description of tying a bow tie inspired by this site. Picture of Locke's outfit can be found here))
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