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A Brief Return Home

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 30, 2006 11:10 am    Post subject: A Brief Return Home Reply with quote

"Take me to my boy"... and Wyheree felt herself whirl in the slightly uncomfortable grip of unfamiliar magics, the gold coin Kairee had enchanted for her clutched in her hand...

...And, just as promised.. she appeared in her son's chambers, next to where Aerynn lay sleeping, curled up like a cat. Wyheree moved to his bedside, drawing his sleepy head into her lap, running cool soothing fingers through his heavy bronzed locks. He stirred, and his icy blue eyes flutter open.


"Yes, Aerynn darling, I am home, at least for a little while."

"What happened - Asdos has been blasting all over Greyhawk looking for you!"

With a soft sigh, Wyheree told Aerynn about RhyDin and everyone she had met there - both the good and the bad, about the Inn and the Nexus, about Icer the kindly ice dragon, about Brian and Charlotte and how generous they had been to her, about Skyler's brashness and brutal honesty, about sweet Sakura and her soft, gentle, vunerable nature, about the handsome dashing Captain Black, about Natalia the ultmiate predator, and finally about Dakota and the horrible fight that had stripped her of her ability to phase home.

Aerynn listened, wide awake now, head resting in his mother's lap as he did when he was little. His eyes widened as she told her tale, finally flashing silver sparks as she told him of the ugly battle that had damaged her magic.

"Did you really blast that guy into a wall??"

Wyheree nodded, palest pink rising in her cheeks.

"I'm surprised - happy you clocked the guy - but surprised. I've never seen you emotional - ever. Not when talking about my father, not ever - and in this other place - it's like you're more human." Aerynn lowered his eyes as he said this, fearing his mother's reaction.

Wyheree leaned over to embrace her only child. "I have been feeling things more deeply, caring for others like I never thought I could. There is so much I need to learn about handling such emotions again, and it seems I cannot learn that here."

Aerynn's eyes fluttered halfway closed. "If you can't phase, how did you get here?"

Wyheree showed Aerynn the gold coin. "A very dear friend - the most power mage I have ever met - enchanted this for me, so I could return to you. I have been very worried."

"Mother - please, I'm not a little kid anymore. Asdos said I'm nearly ready to learn weapons! I beat him 10 times today!"

She smiled and cuddled him closer. "You will always be my little boy - even when you are fully grown."

After a long while of sitting in silence with Aerynn, Wyheree took his face in her hands, silver eyes meeting pale ones. "I feel I must return to RhyDin. So much is unfinished there, and the friends I have made need me, and I must somehow correct my magic so that I can phase again - but I am loathe to leave you."

Aerynn reached to cup his mother's pale cheek. "I am fine now - and Asdos says I am getting stronger all the time. You can't keep me locked away here forever, Mother."

Wyheree sighs, then smiles at her son. "I know, my darling. You continue to grow stronger under Asdos's tutelage, and I will return to RhyDin and re-learn how to be more human. When I regain the ability to phase, I will come for you and introduce you to everyone."

Aerynn smiles, then yawns, curling back up, eyes closing. "I can't wait.. I love you Mother.." and he falls back asleep. Wyheree smooths his bronzed curls from his cheek, kissing him - "I love you too, my darling."

Straightening up with a renewed purpose, Wyheree holds the gold coin in her hand and whispers "Take me to the Inn", and the heat of Kairee's magic curls around her and she is gone.
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