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FFGF Message Board Guidelines 7-23-1995

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 20, 2006 3:18 pm    Post subject: FFGF Message Board Guidelines 7-23-1995 Reply with quote

FFGF Message Boards Guidelines

The Free Form Gaming Forum is a Open Forum. All members of America Online
are encouraged to enter the FFGFand to join into our Free Form Roleplay
whether in our chat/conference rooms or our message boards.

In addition to the OGF Message Board Guidelines, the FFGF has added the

1 - Due to limited space, folders that are inactive for a full 14 days wil be
deleted without notification.

Given the rapid rate folders and posts are created on the FFGF message
boards, it is considered that a folder that has no activity in a two week
period does not have the support of FFGF Patrons to keep it active.

2 - The message boards and the folders within are not owned by any one

The message boards are provided by FFGF to encourage creative expression and
collaborative story development. Folders are often used by a person or group
of persons to carry out a story/adventure that a limited number of people are
active in. If the creator of that folder drops out of the story/adventure,
the folder will remain for the other players to use. The folder will be
deleted automatically if it remains inactive for 14 days.

3 - Posts/folders can be removed upon e-mailed requests to the Forum
supervisor and/or the Forum assistants.

Many patrons of the FFGF use multiple screen names to denote different
characters. Sometimes a person forgets who they are signed on as and posts
under the wrong name. Soemtimes people post things they have second thoughts
about and want it deleted after giving it some thought.

Please write to us under the name you posted with, please specify the Message
board, folder and post by name and the date you posted if you know.

4 - The FFGF does not permit advertisments for other Online areas or
activities, member rooms or private rooms to be posted on it' s message
boards. Posts of this nature will be removed.

5 - If you have a complaint about a folder or post, please write to the FFGF
Supervisor and Forum Assistants. Once again, please specify the message
board, folder and post by name. Please include the author's screenname if

If you have any questions or comments, please email the Forum supervisor.

-RDI Kairee
FFGF Supervisor

RDi Panthr & RDI Gloin
FFGF Assistants.
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